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Hi, I'm considering getting the RME Digiface USB to replace my Audient iD14 as I plan to get a couple of ADAT DC-coupled...

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poonna 28th December 2018
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Hi fellow musicians, I’d like to run an idea by you: I’m considering creating an online resource based solely on Acoustic,...

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BenitoChiles 28th December 2018
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Hi, I've got a Roland Duo Capture EX, a 2017 15" MBP and am running on macOS Mojave. I'm just getting into trying to do...

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zadillo 28th December 2018
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From what I understand, upcoming Zen 2 technology keeps introducing the same inter CCX latency. So for audio production at very...

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NamesAreAPain 28th December 2018
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I would like to be able to put a VST or AU plugin on all audio that comes out of the Mac itself (not my DAW). What are some ways...

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facej 28th December 2018
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Evening, New to forum, also come to site while searching for information, first time had to ask. so Apologies if this is in the...

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mushibu09 27th December 2018
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Has anyone heard anything about the Apogee DualPath FX Rack plugins that were supposed to come out in the "Spring" of...

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snakkes 27th December 2018
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Hi all, I'll need a new USB audio interface, since my old EDIROL UA-25 has decided to die grimm This is what a need in order...

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xander86 27th December 2018
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Hey folks Does anyone know of a plugin (or standalone bit of software) that can take an audio input - say from a click track...

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eric3700 27th December 2018
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Hello. I'm excited to announce that this is my first post on this site! I am working on an album that combines electronic music...

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In The Mix 27th December 2018
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Hello, Had a conversation with another engineer about latency and direct monitoring. My question is if you use the direct...

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scandal 27th December 2018
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I'm taking advantage of the Dec sales to stock up on desirable plugins. In the course of my research I'm now very interested in...

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Kisame 27th December 2018
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I’m currently on 1st generation i7-920 built PC. 24GB ram. Internal drives: system SSD: 1TB. soft synths / samples SSD: 3TB...

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MediaGary 26th December 2018
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Took me weeks to find a proper solution for this issue, it was super stressful and I didn't know if I would ever find an...

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nagrahead 26th December 2018
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Hello fellow slutz. I have a RME fireface 400 and are using logic pro x. I want to make an fx send to some external hardware...

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MartinFunder 26th December 2018
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What was the last plugin you bought (or got free) and what do/don't you like about it? Mine was Absynth a hybrid soft synth. ...

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elektrovolt 26th December 2018
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Hi, My main PC is in transit (on a ship for ~4 months) so I've bought a Zoom R16 and am using it with my old crappy laptop (1.4...

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yrdlof 26th December 2018
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Does anyone make a 19" mounting kit for the Console 1? I've had a look in the usual places, but drawn a blank so far. But...

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Progmatic-Studios 26th December 2018
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I was looking for a way to normalise the levels across a number of (about 10)WAV files, and came across this software. Is it any...

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deejayen 26th December 2018
Avatar for Clbraddock

Long time logic user, but I’ve never really delved into Ultrabeat. I’ve been considering buying a drum synth plugin like UVI...

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Local Man 26th December 2018
Avatar for Bomboa

. Is there any mic interface with a larger dynamic range more than Mackie ONYX Artist 1.2 DAC/ADC 114dB, 55db gain up to about...

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Bomboa 26th December 2018
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Hi! I’m planning to upgrade my computer and audio interface in January and I hoped you could help me in choosing the perfect...

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tattva 25th December 2018
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Are tablets powerful enough replace my laptop to be used as my DAW?

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Alndln 25th December 2018
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which provides the best quality and performance with the least amount of latency, connecting my synth via midi to my rme ufx+ or...

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azdre90 25th December 2018
Avatar for wafa

Really digging the Slice EQ from Kilohearts. Seems to sound better than other obvious competition and has the most usable and...

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MickeUppsala 25th December 2018
Avatar for WalesCZAR

Hello lads happy holidays! So what I have noticed when it comes to converters based on my experience is that if you record with...

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psycho_monkey 25th December 2018
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I know this thing has been out for a long time. I am just curious why nobody ever brings it up? I have looked up some threads on...

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Antigua 25th December 2018
Avatar for Foleycore

I have Softube's TAPE, Steven Slate's VTM, and ToneBooster's TB ReelBus v4 I was able to achieve the best sound on TB ReelBus...

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Avatar for Eric Stravinsky
Eric Stravinsky 25th December 2018
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Hey guys, just thought I'd let anybody who didn't know aware that Waves is having one of their "sales" offering the SSL...

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Avatar for Monkey Man
Monkey Man 25th December 2018
Avatar for wado1942

Somebody asked me about this so I decided to make a video about it. I've been using an Odroid XU4Q for live recording going on...

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Alndln 25th December 2018
Avatar for janne309

Hi guys. I'm in the market for affordable mixing console/surface for my music work. I have looked at the Mackie and Avid...

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KING PAHL 25th December 2018
Avatar for Nvibes

I would like to know why this interface is so expensive compared to others with the same characteristics, are the converters ? or...

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Alndln 24th December 2018
Avatar for AncientKappa

Hi folks, Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but I'm new here. I've got an issue that I was hoping someone could help me...

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msmucr 24th December 2018
Avatar for richinmusic

If I want to run some of my Waves plugins on more than one computer at a time, I realize that I need to purchase them multiple...

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pqlior 24th December 2018
Avatar for puke

I have an MR816 csx. I got a behringer ada8000 to add 8 channels to it, but I have to run 48k to get the 8 extra...

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puke 24th December 2018
Avatar for bambamboom

Let's show some love for the plugins that you think are worthy of the High End world. Please share your favorite(s), as well...

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Avatar for Harvey Specter
Harvey Specter 24th December 2018
Avatar for tymon_tymout

Hello, When Im mixing my vocal tracks in Logic I typically individually Channel EQ, CLA-76, and LLUltramaximize them to get a...

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Anonymous Bosch 24th December 2018
Avatar for Sweepes

Im making a little study where I compare the specs on the most talked about USB interfaces. For instance, I want to compare...

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parmil987 24th December 2018
Avatar for Oxtart

So for the last few years I’ve been in comfortable production bliss with my 2011 MacBook Pro 2.5ghz I7 16gig ram running Pro...

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dethbyoogabooga 24th December 2018
Avatar for AppleCrow

I've been searching the internet, these past few days, for a vst or standalone program that would let me mangle and transform...

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LPXRH 24th December 2018
Avatar for Mighty Motif Max

Hi! I'm in search of a free de-esser plugin for my Mac running High Sierra and Cubase AI 9.5. I've tried installing the...

Mighty Motif Max
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bambony 24th December 2018
Avatar for Tahoebrian5

Hello fellow slutz, I am looking for my first controller and there are just too many options. My head is spinning from reading...

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Tahoebrian5 24th December 2018
Avatar for CAGuy

I have a Mac Pro just for recording and I paid fir several waves plugins and was using them but then I bought three more plugins...

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s.d.finley 24th December 2018
Avatar for rosindabow

I need a new graphics card, one that will run at least 4K on my older mid 2012 Mac Pro. I am trying to have the same visual real...

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fastlanephil 23rd December 2018
Avatar for Mike.r

Hi Guys! Usually I only record stuff at home with my iMac but in January I'm going to remotely track a band in their rehearsal...

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Mike.r 23rd December 2018
Avatar for Adaptive

Hello, I cannot seem to find any information on how to use the computer (OSX) as a master midi controller. Basically, I...

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Avatar for Adaptive
Adaptive 23rd December 2018
Avatar for AlexGodbehere

I have a UAD Apollo currently and do most of my mixing ITB, however the idea of a OTB approach using some sort of console/mixing...

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Avatar for monkeyxx
monkeyxx 23rd December 2018
Avatar for WalesCZAR

Hello Lads, I was reading an old thread on this site where before the 25th anniversary update; the waves plugins use to go to...

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WalesCZAR 23rd December 2018
Avatar for jwh1192

MELODYNE HELP !!!! Lost Blobs view .. i must have hit some keystroke and now i cannot see Blobs .. just little Midi looking bars...

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Avatar for jwh1192
jwh1192 23rd December 2018
Avatar for mikoo69

I'd like a Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII QUAD, though am wondering if now is the best time to buy, or if an upgrade/new model...

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Avatar for kafka
kafka 23rd December 2018