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I have a problem with cackles etc when moving windows around and often when my daw is displaying meters in a console view....

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scottfa 28th June 2019
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I'm using Audiofinder on my Mac to browse quickly through all my sounds. Is there a similar app for windows? I'm not interested...

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1zerozerozero1 28th June 2019
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Dear all, sorry if this question may sound already asked several times. I have read many posts but still I cannot get what...

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yancheelo 28th June 2019
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:cowbell: Hi - my first post! I could use the help. I am a pretty good keyboard player, but the few times I have used...

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buckerfield 28th June 2019
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So we've been waiting for quite a while now, and Native Instruments promised after 2 previous delays to release Massive X today,...

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SF_Green 27th June 2019
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For the last several months I've been using an Echo AudioFire2 external sound device on a PC with Windows 10 via Firewire. It's...

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Alndln 27th June 2019
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Hi There! I've been running a Mac Pro (Late 2013) 3.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5 64 GB 1866 MHz DDR3 with a thunderbolt...

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Travelers 27th June 2019
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Hi, I'm a Logic user, looking for a sampler with a "sample selector', like the one in the Ableton Sampler. Does the EXS-24...

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romansmusic 27th June 2019
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Is it just me, or does UVI sound a bit better than Kontakt? Every time I load up a UVI library, it seems to stand out to my ears...

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EvilDragon 27th June 2019
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I want to clarify something on the 48khz is crap thing. 48khz is ps4 sound, movie sound, etc. my older lps, all made at 48 khz. I...

Disease Factory
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Directed 27th June 2019
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Hello everybody :) , Could anybody help me to find a software to manage the sy77 sequencer on a pc? I found some software...

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peppepop 27th June 2019
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A feature i would like to see in Nyrv is a possibility to route knobs and buttons from rack page to the channel strip...

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Loopsample 27th June 2019
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All, OK... I love my mac book pro. It has a quad i7,16gb ram and all SSDs.. for most things it is OK but it's getting a little...

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Scoox 27th June 2019
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Hi there. :) I really love my VUMeter from Hornet. A very helpful tool that I use on all my channels. There´s one thing...

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Benjistatus88 27th June 2019
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Looking for some advice on purchasing a 2013 Mac Pro(trashcan). I’m debating whether I should get the 4-core or 6-core. I will...

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shahstlz 27th June 2019
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Hey guys, I've been through a lot of forums but I just cant decide between these 4. If anyone has a link to their latency...

Ishaan Kunwar
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RTG 27th June 2019
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So I run Studio One 3.5 in a Mac. The issue existed in SIerra and now Mojave through clean isntalls. I use Roland Octa-Capture....

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tmdea 27th June 2019
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I'm looking for a new audio interface for my office at home. I'd like something that I can use with my computer, but also...

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latitude94941 26th June 2019
Avatar for LuckyStudios

Hi guys, I'm looking forward to upgrade my small home-studio from 8 inputs to 16 inputs, and I'd like to know your thoughts on...

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chipss36 26th June 2019
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Hello all, this is first time poster here. I'm currently running my Focusrite Clarett 8preX via thunderbolt into a 2014 iMac....

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Sinner 26th June 2019
Avatar for rallycapmusic

Hey Guys! I know it depends on the interface quality but I was wondering. Is there a difference in quality with printing a...

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kellyd 26th June 2019
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Hi everyone, I'm digging the subject for quite a while now, and I'm stuck... In short: I do mixing both studio and live for...

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Deleted c117a9d 26th June 2019
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Got myself an Apollo x8 a couple of das ago and got some error msgs already.. :facepalm: When i load just a couple of plugins...

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Arthur Stone 26th June 2019
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Hey guys, so I was loading Exponential Audio R4 as an stereo aux send in Logic 10.2.2, and it just sounded like a mono plug-in...

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Exidorn 26th June 2019
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Hi folks, I'm working on several pieces of music together with my colleague. We are located in the same building in two...

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Tnecniv 26th June 2019
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Would installing reverb plugins on SSD improve their performance?

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biksonije 26th June 2019
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Hello all, I really like to use the MOTU phase analysis tool in the Cuemix audio analysis tools in 'rectangular mode' to help me...

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stinkyfingers 26th June 2019
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I'm looking around for some printing software that will print out the scores of existing songs/tracks. I use Reaper 64 bit with a...

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msmucr 26th June 2019
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Okay, with the WAVES 50% off sale ending, what would be too good to miss, oh Gearslutz Masters? What’s just sooo cool, sooo...

Rikki Rivett
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Rikki Rivett 26th June 2019
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A super quick question!! Does the interface send all inputs directly to the outputs? Either by default or by using some...

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sw_ 26th June 2019
Avatar for ChristianN

I'm am working with a Kemper and AxeFXII. The Kemper can use different samplerates and plug directly into the spdif i/o of an...

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msmucr 26th June 2019
Avatar for Touch The Universe

This should be coming out in a few days or weeks and looks amazing. It will have the power and has a very unique idea behind it...

Touch The Universe
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Touch The Universe 26th June 2019
Avatar for cpsmusic

Hi Folks, I have a D16 voucher (for 50% off) that expires in the next few days. I already have their Frontier, Syntorus,...

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Monotremata 25th June 2019
Avatar for Vectorman

EDIT: I did a system restore to earlier today before the mess began. Why I didn't think of that earlier is beyond me, but I'm...

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Vectorman 25th June 2019
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Sound quality at the end dither to 16 or export in 24 bit . Also when we analyze analoge sound wave , very people say “...

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xcskier 25th June 2019
Avatar for Jeffguitar

It doesn't seem possible that Relab could have made that plug so close, it sounds exact to me. Sure are some great reverbs out...

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elambo 25th June 2019
Avatar for cooker

Was reading comments on the latest AMD/Intel benchmark tests, naturally turned into an AMD vs. Intel debate :) At one point,...

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stinkyfingers 25th June 2019
Avatar for mentalest

Hi everyone, My name is Heidi Chan and I’m entering my 5th-year of the Ph.D. program in Ethnomusicology at York University...

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mentalest 25th June 2019
Avatar for Unexplainedbacon

I'm thinking of getting a mic pre plug for my Apollo twin. Voxbox has lots of extras, 1073 is just the pre but is legendary. Any...

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blayz2002 25th June 2019
Avatar for Potapka

I'm running a mixing studio in Eastern Europe and currently thinking of subscribing to Slate Everything bundle. As I understand,...

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msmucr 25th June 2019
Avatar for Wiggy Neve Slut

Hi all, I need an interface with a minimum of 16 inputs and outputs on both thunderbolt and PT Digilink. So far the only...

Wiggy Neve Slut
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uptheoctave 25th June 2019
Avatar for danyull

Hey guys! I've had a number of great of experiences with plug-ins lately, and a number of not-so-great experiences. To name a...

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HoRNet 25th June 2019
Avatar for bluecataudio

We have spent a lot of time trying to get rid of audio dropouts and reducing audio latency on Windows laptops lately (for our own...

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bluecataudio 25th June 2019
Avatar for Deleted 5edf3fa

Late night fun thread. Only talking about GUI, not the sound. For me it's Shadow Hills compressor (UAD). This thing is...

Deleted 5edf3fa
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zvukofor 25th June 2019
Avatar for mattneale

Hey what up guys! So I’m building a new pc and I have a Threadripper cpu. I bought a zoom uac-2 as an audio interface but was...

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Galileon 24th June 2019
Avatar for smoovemode

Aorus xtreme z390 would have i9 9900K Asus Rampage would have i9 9820X I'm running Cubase DDR3600 1080 ti Graphics...

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smoovemode 24th June 2019
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Hi! What do you think? I have a MacBook Pro mid 15 i7, the last line of MBP’s that use the old chassis with great I/O in the...

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thermos 24th June 2019
Avatar for .Russ.

Evening all I am on the lookout for a 34" Ultrawide monitor for my MacBook pro - really not keen to break the bank and I...

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.Russ. 24th June 2019
Avatar for drybones

Folks, I am not sure where to post this as it won't be a very popular topic. But BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) I need software...

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Cabirio 24th June 2019
Avatar for puppychumful

I have a really old IBM ThinkPad Type 2655-93U on OEM Windows 2000, and it’s got some MIDI files I really want to play, but it...

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puppychumful 24th June 2019