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Hi guys I've read on one of the forums that if you want your mixes to sound like a commercial mix when using limited amounts...

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CPhoenix 28th August 2019
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I am returning a new audio interface because some compatibility issues in my PC and thunderbolt. So the sound quality discussion...

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Deleted e09cd8e 28th August 2019
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I just need a simple software for practicing guitar. When I was a student, the school uses Band-in-a-box which I probably used...

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dgc4rter 28th August 2019
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I’m only question latency here. I’m confused to how people are using the sapphire where they are composing about latency. Is...

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Deleted 300228d 28th August 2019
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Hi. I recently got a laptop with only USB3 ports. It's a HP Spectre x360 with a 5th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-5500U processor,...

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12Bass 28th August 2019
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How many times has that title been posted? Hey guys, brand new here, but have always found this place very...

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szyam 28th August 2019
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Hi All - I have a track finished in SD3. Full kit. I'm trying to bounce down a couple of different ways - all very...

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zydeceltico 28th August 2019
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Has anyone compared these two "smart equalisers" against each other?

Sonny Casanovas
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Hamiltonian 28th August 2019
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Hello, I have multiple keyboards and guitar effect units that I want to keep plugged in all the time so they will be ready to...

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Amsoily 28th August 2019
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My 2012 is dying a slow death and can no longer be trusted for live use. I don't have time to get it fixed, and while I'm...

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facej 28th August 2019
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Hey guys! howdy I'm currently trying to improve my mixes and I'm thinking about how to deal with clashing frequencies. I...

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Muser 27th August 2019
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Anyone knows if this plugin still exists? I would like to try it. More info: Massey Tools Steve? confoosedjummpp

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echomagic 27th August 2019
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Hi folks. Looks like I'm going to need 24 ch. of AES/EBU inputs to my hackintosh. There's two options Lynx AES16e, and the...

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Jonk 27th August 2019
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For studio recording applications (not live sound): Question: What advantages am I missing out on by using a Behringer X18 as my...

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wpvalentine 27th August 2019
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What’s considered a good thunderbolt to usb hub for a Mac? I currently have an anker usb one which works well but all the...

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climber 27th August 2019
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Hello, people. Just got an Apogee Element 46 and started using Logic Pro X. My previous setup was a M-Audio Fast Track Pro and...

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CarloEspresso 27th August 2019
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Hey Guys I'm looking for an Audio Batch Processor which let's me create workflows that I can then convert to an AppleScript or...

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pmcee 26th August 2019
Avatar for c00kie

So after some job-induced hibernation I´m willing to upgrade my project studio and look at the options. If you´d share some...

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technomind 26th August 2019
Avatar for Frankie01

HI, I need a reasonable substitute for my "RCA BA6a Limiter" in the box for mobile mixing. I use the hardware unit...

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jdunn 26th August 2019
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Hello, Is it possible to download the Apogee software for the Element interface for operating on 2 macs- imac and macbookpro -...

Deleted 17cd006
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Deleted 17cd006c1350317 26th August 2019
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Hi to all, I was thinking to change my audio device because my Presonus Firebox is there since 2008 and even if I am using a...

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maio996 26th August 2019
Avatar for tomlebeau

I'm using a Roland Alpha Juno-2 as my main controller. When trying to play samples in Ableton Live's Simpler/Sampler instruments,...

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elegentdrum 26th August 2019
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Hey there guys, can any Komplete Kontrol owner advise how long the included USb cable is? I've got one on order and just...

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fgimian 26th August 2019
Avatar for dirtROBOT

Hi, I just made the leap to a much beefier audio interface, from a quad capture, to a behringer x18. I think I've installed...

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dirtROBOT 25th August 2019
Avatar for filmcomposer

Back in the day of reel-to-reels (!) it was possible to slow a recording down gradually, until it stopped. With digital...

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filmcomposer 25th August 2019
Avatar for tromostheory

Hey all. Asking this since I can't seem to find the answers in the documentation I find online. Looking for a compact interface...

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Macky 25th August 2019
Avatar for Rayray2000

I am demoing the Ocean Way Room/reverb plug from Uad. At first I was underwhelmed, but then I put it on the drum bus and I think...

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ChayaFFM 25th August 2019
Avatar for Irok81

So honestly, I use Cubase 10 artist, I have a focusrite AI 2i2 and its just garbage. Im positive it probably works absolutely...

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Avatar for Jim Vee
Jim Vee 25th August 2019
Avatar for hello people

Hi all, I found myself in a bit of a pickle... My RME Fireface UFX II has 8 analogue outputs. I use 4 of them for monitors...so...

hello people
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Avatar for hello people
hello people 24th August 2019
Avatar for Musician

What are your most preferred sound producing plugins aside from recording real instruments (if any) to this day? For me at the...

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2Temoti 24th August 2019
Avatar for zulusound

Hello, Has anyone else experienced levels dropping when exporting audio or burning CD from DSP Quattro? This happens with both...

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zulusound 24th August 2019
Avatar for mikel33

Hello, I have a rather strange issue. For years I've been using my Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 for recording and playing in the...

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mikel33 24th August 2019
Avatar for snm10

Hey – It seems that the are fewer Focusrite Clarett 8Pre and 8PreX on the market. Take a look in Thomann for example: during...

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8PreUSB 23rd August 2019
Avatar for thevisi0nary

I am trying to get better at transcribing orchestral music, it would help greatly if I was able to somewhat isolate the...

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thevisi0nary 23rd August 2019
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, I am looking for a Euclidean Sequencer plugin for OSX. Any tips? thanks!

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Avatar for Naturligasteg
Naturligasteg 23rd August 2019
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, I'm currently in the process of upgrading my current audio PC and have just bought Crucial MX500 SSD's. However, just been...

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Avatar for 8PreUSB
8PreUSB 23rd August 2019
Avatar for capoeira

So I have those binaural room impulse responses of Control Room 7 from WDR Broadcast...

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Avatar for capoeira
capoeira 23rd August 2019
Avatar for asdfdsa

I'm only getting ch. 1-16 in and out, no 17-18/master...so how do I route my stereo output for the ZED? My DAW is Cubase 5...

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Avatar for ktslt
ktslt 23rd August 2019
Avatar for mizzle

What kind of adapter can I get? I can do USB and Thunderbolt ports.

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Avatar for techno*logic
techno*logic 23rd August 2019
Avatar for FNietzsche

Hello fellows, so, I try to keep it short: I'm currenty looking into orchestral scoring with Cubase, so I need a midi...

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Avatar for pentagon
pentagon 23rd August 2019
Avatar for sd-cd

Can it (MK I version) be used efficiently without monitor controller? I need 8x8, connection via ADAT to Babyface (need 10 analog...

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Avatar for codyrea
codyrea 23rd August 2019
Avatar for tyr297

Hi i'm new the the forum so forgive me if i'm posting in the wrong area. I've looked around for awhile but can't find an answer...

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Avatar for guildorf
guildorf 23rd August 2019
Avatar for skycaptain

Hey everyone, I’ve discovered I really want a control surface with some faders. I’ve been doing live sound on the side for...

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Avatar for Brent Hahn
Brent Hahn 23rd August 2019
Avatar for rasseru

Anyone know of a VST that removes noise but recognises what is and isn't 'sound'/oscillation etc? Looking for VST so I can...

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Avatar for js1
js1 22nd August 2019
Avatar for TNM

Hi, we have always had at least one mac in the studio, but all my life from 1996 when I started through 2008, I used windows at...

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Avatar for cjogo
cjogo 22nd August 2019
Avatar for doonunit

I've recently upgraded to an apollo X8P from a Clarett 8pre. I do a bit of live looping using ableton with various instruments...

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Avatar for Diogo C
Diogo C 22nd August 2019
Avatar for BrainCheck123

Just curious how these stack to current mid-high offerings... Lynx Aurora, Antelope, RME? Thanks

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Avatar for BrainCheck123
BrainCheck123 22nd August 2019
Avatar for nightchef

Soundtoys' Decapitator is currently available at $49, 75% off the usual price. That seemed like a no-brainer until I realized...

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Avatar for Jens L.
Jens L. 22nd August 2019
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

Have you ever inserted the same channel strip plug in on every channel and mixed a song. Then saved it, hit the bypass button on...

Glenn Bucci
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Avatar for thenoodle
thenoodle 22nd August 2019
Avatar for monkeymanx

I want to start by saying I really like the drum sounds here and the play ability is great. I have a Mimic Pro module too. Having...

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Avatar for monkeymanx
monkeymanx 22nd August 2019