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How do I get that clean harmonizer sound that producers like Zedd are using? I've already tried out Vocalsynth 2 and Infected...

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Dirtgrain 19th October 2019
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hi I'm know about to purchase one of these two.... I've changed my whole system to MAC MINI 2018 i7 64gb ram and I have a hard...

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rayhill 19th October 2019
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Hiyah. I have an antelope Discreet 4 and an apollo twin duo, are there any more small interfaces that carry onboard dsp? I need...

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davet 19th October 2019
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I'm running my Korg SV1 through a focusrite scarlett 2i4 and my macbook pro. The sound difference is quite big between being...

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TurboJets 19th October 2019
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Any amp simulators more used than others these days? I've been stuck with Logic's own for some time now, I want to try out...

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Reverb 19th October 2019

Are you guys still using the old McDsp plugs? I have them on my TDM rig, but I'm planning on leaving that sytem in tact and the...

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Sky 19th October 2019
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Hello gearslutz! I’ve been using an audient id14 for 3 years now and I absolutely love it! Only problem is that I want to...

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TurboJets 19th October 2019
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Looking for a hardware controller specifically for controlling plug ins. Found this product and was curious to hear if...

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_jon 18th October 2019
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I’m on Bitwig 3 (Windows) and I decided to try an Apollo interface and I’m having problems. I’ve got it set to use its...

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zerocrossing 18th October 2019
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I've seen lots of these offers on eBay today. Ozone 9 ADV or RX7 ADV for 20 bucks. Selling in large numbers. Like...

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deondamage 18th October 2019
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Using Studio one 4.5 what is a good plugin to use to create a vocal harmony? that sounds natural and easy to use?

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RyanM 18th October 2019
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Hey guy ! Does anyone have experience updating their macbook pro retina late 2013 Hard-drives to SSD? What are the options?...

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lllubi 18th October 2019
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hey slutz, i once talked to somebody who told me there is some kind of recall-programm/software or something like that, called...

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IAMGOD_OFFICIAL 18th October 2019
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Been looking at this software for a few days. Is it worth owning over Kontakt 5? I downloaded the free version but it only has...

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Ryan_IK 17th October 2019
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Im hoping such a thing exists, which can adapt my old RME PCI card for use in a 2009 Mac Pro/PCIe THANKS!!!!!!!

Terry McInturff
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Avatar for woodslanding
woodslanding 17th October 2019
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Quick question guys. My rig is a MOTU 828es as main interface and Im using a Ferrofish pulse 16 AD/DA for my hardware I/O...

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Morgueritual 17th October 2019
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I really wanted to get hold of this pack but the download page no longer seems to work (or his contact page) and the author...

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CoolDude 17th October 2019
Avatar for soooo

Hello, i'm using digigrid ioc recently, nice low latency solution via soundgrid network..but seems there is lots of crashes and...

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soooo 17th October 2019
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Of the following DAWs, which has developers that are most responsive to its user base? Logic Ableton Pro Tools Studio...

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blueflake 17th October 2019
Avatar for JaMProductionsNM

Hey all. Just got in a shiny 11 month old Apollo 8 Black. The manual I'm reading says it's Thunderbolt 2 but Dell small business...

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psycho_monkey 17th October 2019
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Hi, I have a problem with my new computer, or maybe with the audio interface? Got the computer this summer, built it myself,...

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Keministi 17th October 2019
Avatar for monkeymanx

I've been shopping around for a new Thunderbolt based audio interface and MIDI inputs are hit or miss big time. I currently have...

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monkeymanx 16th October 2019
Avatar for Zenon

I'm really interested in Sonarworks, but I recently read some comments here that EQ can create problems, create dips etc. Also, I...

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Zenon 16th October 2019
Avatar for gravyface

I know Boz makes the Mongoose, but wondering if there's a free plugin (or method) to get there too? Haven't tried it before,...

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Mikael B 16th October 2019
Avatar for arsmusic

So, I own all the Slate plugins, I own probably half of the Universal Audio ones and half of the Plugin Alliance ones also. Plus...

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bill5 16th October 2019
Avatar for Roadie

Got an email stating: Great news for our Windows users with desktop systems! We have now officially released VRS8 Windows...

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Roadie 15th October 2019
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Hi there, I have an imac 2011 2.5ghz i5 with 256dds and 16gb ram. The harddisk has 70gb left. Logic fails many times. Much...

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fastlanephil 15th October 2019
Avatar for Mage

Many softsynths have a preset category "Chords". For example, Hive has it. What does it mean? I thought maybe they...

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Mage 15th October 2019
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Do you guys think that UAD will release successor for "Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB Duo" or Apogee for...

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thedomus 15th October 2019
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Hi all, After a few successful giveaways from our “Let’s Build Plugins” eBook series, we at Audio Dev Academy...

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AudioDevAcademy 15th October 2019
Avatar for Deleted b90f8c9

Usually I use Logic X for mix downs but since I sometimes do majority of arrangements in FL, I have been using FL Studio 20 for...

Deleted b90f8c9
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Deleted b90f8c9 15th October 2019
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Hi all, I would like to set up my Mac so that the main stereo output goes to SPDIF ONLY! And I would like this to be not only...

andrew montreal
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andrew montreal 15th October 2019
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Hi I want upgrade my pc And for cpu I should choose between I7 8700 or I5 9600k The difference in prices in my country is...

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raminkh 14th October 2019
Avatar for SonicExplorer1

Hi, Could really use some help on this one... Using an RME Fireface400 with Sonar (I know, a bit old) and a Kemper...

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SonicExplorer1 14th October 2019
Avatar for screentan

I just got a pair of Yamaha HS50m monitor speakers second hand and just noticing there is an annoying buzz in them when my...

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mcnitt 14th October 2019
Avatar for bogart

Hi, I am setting up a computer (MacBook Air) dedicated to do some on-site recordings (8 multiple channels) to work with a newly...

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 14th October 2019
Avatar for fanofrhodes

Hi forum users, I'm thinking about changing UA2192 to the new Apollo x6. Have any of you had the opportunity to compare these...

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fanofrhodes 14th October 2019
Avatar for weirdfishee

Hi everyone Am sorta at my wits end trying to resolve an issue and would appreciate any feedback from any users on ideas to...

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weirdfishee 14th October 2019
Avatar for rockreid

No more VST2 development. All aboard the VST3 train.

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Avatar for AdmiralQuality
AdmiralQuality 14th October 2019
Avatar for ResonantMind

We've been eyeing this piece for a while but have held out waiting on some thorough reviews and user experiences - too which...

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mequaz 14th October 2019
Avatar for Rednose

Hi all, I am currently using a Black Lion Modified Motu 2408 MK III x 2 for 16 analog ins and outs. I'm in the mood to upgrade...

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Rednose 13th October 2019
Avatar for jbnewcomb

Hey everyone. Been needing to make this post for a while - sorry if it is a bit long winded. My setup: Scarlett 18i20 USB...

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jbnewcomb 13th October 2019
Avatar for shane8002

Just curious, what do you trackball users out there assign your extra 2 buttons as??

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chrismeraz 13th October 2019
Avatar for OwDU7

Hi. I came across this: Duet Display while reading my usual news feeds. Has anybody experimented with this yet. I...

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Avatar for Calagan
Calagan 13th October 2019
Avatar for arnoldorodeo

Hi Gearlutz members, Do you have any exemples of EQ/dynamic plugins (think transfos/tubes emulations) that once inserted on a...

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LonDonsen 13th October 2019
Avatar for Palm3

Hello folks, I have been around for about 20 years producing with sequences. I have been using MPC2000xl to do so as I also...

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01Marito 13th October 2019
Avatar for mxbf

Looking for a good go to to utilize on my masters. Wondering for anyone who has tried both of these to fill out the stereofield...

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mxbf 12th October 2019
Avatar for HOTC

So my old PC is on it's last legs. I wanna build a new one with a budget of 500 euro Granted it ain't much But wondering...

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ChrisLudwig 12th October 2019
Avatar for thelessiknowtheb

Which would be better for a laptop with 16gb...

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1jordyzzz 12th October 2019
Avatar for Ragan

Does it strike anyone else as glaringly odd that UAD hasn't come out with a Console mobile app? It would make life so much...

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JB872 12th October 2019