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Hi everyone (I apologize in advance for the rambling)! I’ve been running Pro Tools 7.4.2 (with two PCIe cards) and my trusty...

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aremos 18th November 2019
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Which one am I better off utilizing for simply recording vocals for rap?

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alibling 18th November 2019
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Chevron 18th November 2019
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Does anyone out there have an MPD226 that can export and upload the factory presets for me?? At the very least preset 3 for the...

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maksitto 18th November 2019
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Hey Kids... Trying to implement a DAW Farm rig and was wondering what your setup is for switching various...

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snoskit 18th November 2019
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Haven't found a similar problem through searching and hope I'm in a forum where I'll get some problem solving...

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Wayne 18th November 2019
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I am looking for recommendations for anti-virus software for my Windows 10 machine. I am using Windows defender but it causes my...

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temnov 18th November 2019
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Hi all, I have a Behringer UMC202HD USB Audio Interface and a Pioneer DDJ 400 DJ Controller(With built in audio...

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dwpthe3rd 18th November 2019
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As you have maybe noticed, USB type-C connector is slowly but surely on its way to replace all other connector types. Many high...

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MattyJoe 18th November 2019

SO I have an Apollo 8 and I have an Apollo Twin. I want to use line 3/4 on the twin as extra outs. I have it daisy chained...

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IAMGOD_OFFICIAL 17th November 2019
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It's currently $49 currently on a flash sale...anyone have it and use it a lot? I'm a sucker for a deal if it's worth it. It...

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Audio Child 17th November 2019
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Any good tools for removing pops and clicks caused by sloppy editing in the DAW?

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ShogunOfHarlem 17th November 2019
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Hi there! The time has come to upgrade my Clarett 2Pre. What I need is: -3 clean mic preamps -fixed gain line in (preferably...

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Matti 17th November 2019
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Hi All, Do you think the new MacBook Air (2018) base model with 8GB ram would be sufficient for basic protools and ableton...

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huglife187 17th November 2019
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Anyone use? Impressions? Saw a bunch on the freebie thread and wondering (I'll check myself eventually but I have a long list of...

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bill5 17th November 2019
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Clarett Windows Driver Compatibility The driver supports Thunderbolt connectivity via Display Port and is compatible with the...

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monkeyxx 17th November 2019
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Hi everybody I have a discrete 8 working on Mac. I have many problems of stability with it! Antelope has already changed it...

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Lipaz 17th November 2019
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I've been reading on Motu's website, trying to figure out what would be needed if I wanted to use the 16A interface with a...

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MediaGary 17th November 2019
Avatar for Wilburguy

Hi all, Since upgrading from Sierra to High Sierra (on my A rig) and Mojave (on my B rig) the presets for the Lexicon PCM...

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Teej 17th November 2019
Avatar for raveystabs

I wondered if anyone had the instrument definition files that Mackie once supplied for a variety of hardware for their now...

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markusschloesser 17th November 2019
Avatar for drainyoo

I just switched to being 100% ITB, so this is the first time I'm heavily using FX busses in my DAW, and I'm not sure what the...

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BT64 16th November 2019
Avatar for Princeton.Verb

Hi all! Been working with drums lately and during my most recent mixing session (in Cubase 9.5) I noticed the drums thin out a...

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Princeton.Verb 16th November 2019
Avatar for Chapa

Hi!! please, the abbreviated insert "A81" What plugin is this? In pro tools

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jwh1192 16th November 2019
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HI can anyone help, just got a MacBook pro running High Sierra 10.13.3. I have had to get an OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock, which has a...

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intheflesh 16th November 2019
Avatar for thenoodle

For pc laptop. Pci-e but hey, sata versions would be good to know as well. If anyone knows of deals, post them here.

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thenoodle 16th November 2019
Avatar for caseyallensmith

Hello all! I need to upgrade my computer situation. My current laptop is fine for small projects, but it get's overloaded...

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mattiasnyc 16th November 2019
Avatar for Bassmankr

Poked around with search a bit but it's still too much or too little info here. So what are the current app options for...

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brk303 16th November 2019
Avatar for KEVA

Hey friends, Just bought a pair of Sennheiser 600 HD's, and I love them. They sound great for mixing/listening as it is now,...

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kondim 16th November 2019
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Hey guys so i asked you about 2 weeks ago to what headphones I should buy for reference mixing. The thing is that i decided to...

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kondim 16th November 2019
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Hey I'm trying to make a macro within cubase which allows me to Render selection->create sample track with rendered selection...

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Jalle 16th November 2019
Avatar for TNC

Has anyone used both for Apple EarPods and compared it to their reference monitor? I thought it would be awesome for on the go...

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Scoox 16th November 2019
Avatar for Kodin

Hi guys, Need little help for second PC soundcard, I need lowest latency audio connection for 2 PCs with 2 soundcards First...

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Kodin 16th November 2019
Avatar for bonefoot

The only one I'm really aware of is the ART Voice Channel Tube Channel Strip. I would like to get something roughly in the...

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bonefoot 16th November 2019
Avatar for pianowillbebach

So I've got two questions about scansore... 1) Does anyone know how to import a PDF into scanscore to convert it to XML so I...

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pianowillbebach 15th November 2019
Avatar for SDB_12

Hey all! I know that there isn't a right or wrong here...but I just want to chat this out with some of you since this is...

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SDB_12 15th November 2019
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The subject heading is obviously overstated as I'm very excited about the 16" MacBook Pro I just ordered with the following...

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nas 15th November 2019
Avatar for manymanyhaha

I've been using Circular Labs Mobius for a few years but unfortunately, the graphics are screwy in Windows 10 and it is limited...

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manymanyhaha 15th November 2019
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Hey slutz, I am currently learning how to mix, and in spite of listening to references and working a lot with different eqs on...

Deleted 9a53275
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Deleted fe72b385f72c012 15th November 2019
Avatar for CowboyX

Is any here who is using Presonus Studio One 4 having problems with sidechain EQ Ducking in iZotope's Neutron 2 or 3 (both have...

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CowboyX 15th November 2019
Avatar for szyam

Hey, just posting this here in case someone else recently went through this or may randomly have any ideas... I've been...

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szyam 14th November 2019
Avatar for andersmv

Current computer: Mid 2014 MBP 2.6 i5 8 gb ram Intel Iris 1536 mb I've been running this computer since brand new. It was...

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fastlanephil 14th November 2019
Avatar for erike123

I think a lot of modern EDM tracks has a certain, punchy, multiband ish sound to them. Are there any go to plugins...

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charlieclouser 14th November 2019
Avatar for Deleted aad53d4

Im in the marker for a new computer, for mixing and mastering work and some simple graphics work. My setup is centered around...

Deleted aad53d4
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OK1 14th November 2019
Avatar for Ski spiggy

Hi all. Can pro tools digilink/pcie cards be used with other DAWs such as Digital performer and Reaper? Or will they only be...

Ski spiggy
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msmucr 14th November 2019
Avatar for mromro

Hi, I'm looking at an upgrade on a Akai 25 Key controller for Ableton. How good are the keys on the Novation impulse 49 in...

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Avatar for mromro
mromro 14th November 2019
Avatar for NoPro

I have an element 88 interface. NO MIDI in /out...I thought hey I’ll just get a midisport 2x2. Well they don’t sell them...

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BT64 14th November 2019
Avatar for toofanstudio

I have " SSL ALPHA LINK SX " ( X2 ) and " SSL MADI LINK HD ". my signal flow is that SSL Alpha link SX...

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Avatar for toofanstudio
toofanstudio 14th November 2019
Avatar for golem

Any information on that is there any chances for thunderbolt PC:s and audio interfaces to finally become more common and...

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onewire 14th November 2019
Avatar for guigui

Hi, I'm making an upgrade from a Babyface Pro to a bigger interface and I think I narrowed down the list to these two: RME...

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Avatar for guigui
guigui 14th November 2019
Avatar for gsilbers

Anyone upgraded their 2009/2010 CPU to the a 12 core 3.4ghz? I am thinking of upgrading to extend my 2009 mac pro life for a...

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Avatar for lestermagneto
lestermagneto 14th November 2019