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If you were tasked to make a vocal sound the same as the one in the below video, What would you choose compression and EQ...

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Krush411 4th January 2020
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Hello all, Longtime member, though I've been dormant for some years. Just getting back into the home recording game and I...

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Deleted e03114c 4th January 2020
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AUDIO/COMPUTER GEEKS!--- I'm running PT 2018.6 @ 96k ,32bit. 25-30tracks , 8-12 bus, decent amount of automation. SMALL TO MEDIUM...

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Came2rck 4th January 2020
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I've had them on the bench for the last week or two, time to break them down with DAWBench. Intel’s i9 9900K and the Coffee...

Pete Kaine
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Vytis 4th January 2020
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Hey Gearslutz! jummpp I own a pair of JBL LSRs 305. I connected them via unbalanced jack cables to my audio interface...

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lizzyx7 3rd January 2020
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I'm trying to learn Reaper and ditch Pro Tools but I find Reaper a pain so far . Has anyone switched from Pro Tools to Reaper ,...

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fillmore999 3rd January 2020
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My old 2700k is dying. I cant afford to build or buy something new. I could replace cpu, ram, mobo etc, hunting down errors, but...

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Deleted d22f2ee310aef20 3rd January 2020
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So my studio is growing and I have placed an order for the new "808" by Behringer and a Boog. I am very much planning...

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Analogeezer 3rd January 2020
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I recorded a multi layered audiofile in a region, but now since I haven't saved the logic file in time I don't have the multi...

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rata 3rd January 2020
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So I have read all the threads I can find on these two, but haven't found one comparing the two, speciafically. My budget...

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shimoyjk 3rd January 2020
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Hi all, Hope everyone has had a good holiday season. I also hope I get some sound (pun) advice here to get this IK install to...

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stella645 3rd January 2020
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I am looking for an IOS app that can redirect audio output from another app onto a different output channel.

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martinarmstrong 3rd January 2020
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I have a LYnx Aurora 16 that I just got and I am trying to get to play my PC's Audio via channels 7-8. For some reason the PC...

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msmucr 3rd January 2020
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Cherry Audio´s Voltage Modular. A new series has started: "Basic Patches, Standard Patches and (historically) Famous...

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rofilm 3rd January 2020
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Has anyone been able to get ozone 8 Installed on Catalina with the workaround On the isotope site? The install ends up...

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sdd17 3rd January 2020
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I have a Windows 7 desktop PC and am interested in getting a MOTU 624. If I install the MOTU ASIO drivers, and connect to the...

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kanman 3rd January 2020
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Hi everyone Does anyone know what software they used to make this video?...

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not_so_new 3rd January 2020
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I've been approached by a GS member regarding a thread where I was talking about Windows OS tuning. Maybe this information might...

Deleted 7ad91e3
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ponzi 3rd January 2020
Avatar for FitCasuallyTV

Hi there, We usually install all our instruments and Libraries on SSD Drive so we run it from there.. However, with Rhodes...

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FitCasuallyTV 3rd January 2020
Avatar for chinnagogue

Hey guys. Trying to use a Fredenstein Bento 6S Rack unit with my Audient iD22. Using Reaper as my DAW. I've got a mono...

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chinnagogue 3rd January 2020
Avatar for AudioFreq

Hello my fellow Slutzs: I have successfully installed and currently using Omnisphere 2.6. During the installation of...

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AudioFreq 2nd January 2020
Avatar for lxm

Hi All. Looking for a 16 channel in/8 to 16 out interface with DB25 connections for the io. No need for pres on it. Have a...

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msmucr 2nd January 2020
Avatar for minminmusic

Let's say my Apollo was plugged into a rackspace within my desk and accessing the back on a frequent basis was not a...

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merrittjacob 2nd January 2020
Avatar for db9091

I have an Apollo 8 Quad and the Satellite they give you (rarely use the Satellite) plus a bunch of their plugins. Thing is,...

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db9091 2nd January 2020
Avatar for Kristijonas

I'm considering to get one of theese for Spring reverb: UAD AKG BX20 or Softube Spring Reverb. What would you prefer? Kindly...

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Avatar for tedannemann
tedannemann 2nd January 2020
Avatar for wvshpr

There's all sorts of plugins slowing audio down over time specific to the tempo of the DAW. Is there a plugin that allows to slow...

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tedannemann 2nd January 2020
Avatar for ShnappyTwo

Hi Guys, im in the need of a Taiko drum library/samplepack or VST. I dont have a Kontakt 6 Full version, just Kontakt 6...

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ShnappyTwo 2nd January 2020
Avatar for shawbag

Anyone able to shed some light and help me choose which of these early 2019 15” MacBook Pro to go for please? Both pretty...

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Avatar for Brontosauce
Brontosauce 2nd January 2020
Avatar for Clbraddock

Hi, I'm a little confused about the glyph external hard drives. Glyphs site says that the black box pro has transfer speeds...

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Avatar for Clbraddock
Clbraddock 2nd January 2020
Avatar for La plage

Thinking about building a system with Metric Halo 3D interfaces, studio and remote recording. How many boxes can we link 3, 4, 5...

La plage
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La plage 2nd January 2020
Avatar for shimoyjk

Hello! I’m trying to expand apollo x8p using ad converter with 500 series rack. 500 rack ; have 2 rpq500 for ribbons, and...

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shimoyjk 2nd January 2020
Avatar for StepRecorder

Hi. I'm looking to expand my current recording setup so that I can record multiple channels of audio at once. I currently have a...

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Avatar for Wayne
Wayne 2nd January 2020
Avatar for JohnnyFoster

Wow. As a registered owner of the full Korg Legacy Collection, I attempted to "migrate" my account over to their new...

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spain75 2nd January 2020
Avatar for Feltman

Now, I've the new 16" MBP with a whopping 64 GB of RAM. I just did a pretty dense track with loads of automation, CPU...

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Feltman 2nd January 2020
Avatar for Bolt audio

I currently am running protools 10 on a Mac Mini and have no qualms at all. Even with high track count sessions it should last me...

Bolt audio
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Avatar for Bolt audio
Bolt audio 2nd January 2020
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Avatar for BT64
BT64 1st January 2020
Avatar for NoVi

Hi, I want to record from my digital piano (Roland HP series) which is in a different location from my regular Midi setup. Until...

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Avatar for NoVi
NoVi 1st January 2020

So i was using a wd external hard drive for my vst sample libraries like omnisphere, trillian, keyscape etc... Then it got...

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IAMGOD_OFFICIAL 1st January 2020
Avatar for not like this

I'm looking to downsize my rig right now, which includes multiple analog synths and keyboards. I'm considering moving in the...

not like this
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jerrylan 1st January 2020
Avatar for DeeKay2019

Hi there, I plan to play live using Ableton Live 10 with a Novation Launchpad MkII and a Novation Launchkey. It will only be...

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Avatar for DeeKay2019
DeeKay2019 1st January 2020
Avatar for Axemaster G

I was wondering whether I could use a soundcard such as the StarTech PCIe 7.1 Surround in conjunction with an A/D converter to...

Axemaster G
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Avatar for Axemaster G
Axemaster G 1st January 2020
Avatar for TNC

Hello. So I'm using Live 10 and I learned that since Live 9 you can't set your Plugin Buffer size individually and whatever your...

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TNC 1st January 2020
Avatar for Nothing Left

Hi, I'm in trouble with DPC Latency. My PC is: i7 2600k, 16GB of Ram, 1x500GB and 1x320 Seagates HDD, 1x2TB Western HDD to...

Nothing Left
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Avatar for Jkonner
Jkonner 1st January 2020
Avatar for kuasalogam

EDIT: Nevermind. It seems that the unit is a dud :( So, I want to install my Saffire 24 on a Mac Mini 2014 by a Firewire -...

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Avatar for kuasalogam
kuasalogam 1st January 2020

over 4000 ready to go presets and almost unlimited customization. ...

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Avatar for thenoodle
thenoodle 1st January 2020
Avatar for Wiggy Neve Slut

Hi all, So this years mission is to put all my outboard compressors on HW inserts and maybe eq too. Just wanted to see how...

Wiggy Neve Slut
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Avatar for T_R_S
T_R_S 1st January 2020
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Avatar for Mikael B
Mikael B 1st January 2020
Avatar for Dannot

I am running a mid 2011 iMac on High Sierra 10.13.6 (Logic Pro 10.4.8) and my Tascam US-2000 decided to stop communicating with...

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Avatar for Dannot
Dannot 1st January 2020
Avatar for Popa2caps

Hello all, been almost 4 years from my last PC build for making music and i got some questions. To get this off i want to...

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bgood 1st January 2020
Avatar for sleshnyc

Forgive a stupid question. I'm so old I've been using Pro Tools since it was nubus. I have an older HD system running PT 9. I...

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Avatar for cruisemates
cruisemates 1st January 2020