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We are considering a new mac pro (cheese grator) but defo not interested in the new Apple displays. Would like 2 x 27" or...

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nyne 21st January 2020
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Some kind of weird problem. I'm trying to connect a typical headset with 2 stereo mini-jacks to my audio interface via...

Michael E
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Patchess 21st January 2020
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Hi guys, I made an account to ask this question. I use FL studio and a Focusrite Scarelett 2i2. I'm about to order this...

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Rove2600 21st January 2020
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Some of the pots on my Console 1 Mk2 are much stiffer than others. Has anyone experienced the same? Is there a reason for this...

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IAMGOD_OFFICIAL 21st January 2020
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Hello gearslutz people, I am looking to buy a laptop for production and especially live electronic Music. And I am looking...

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Synth Buddha 21st January 2020
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Hi all My latest plugin software tracks are not as loud as my previous tracks I made with hardware synths 10 yrs ago. The only...

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mins3008 21st January 2020
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Of these three Thunderbolt interface options, which represents the best bang-for-buck strictly in terms of audio quality? Are...

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Deleted e09cd8e 21st January 2020
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Hello, I’d like to get some recommendations on vst plug ins that could be used for acoustic folk music. Ie. Instruments to...

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bill5 21st January 2020
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Did any body use Kontakt VSTs with One Man Band (OMB) on Windows? I just got stuck on the setting and unable to get sound out of...

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dkali1 20th January 2020
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I am trying to set up my Element so I can monitor through Optical Out (into a DAC), HP1, and HP2 at the same time. I am doing...

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mam8dg 20th January 2020
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A few years back, I got on the "automatic withdrawal " train with my car note and mortgage. For most , that's a given....

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johnscalia 20th January 2020
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Hi guys We've just built a small studio at home and I'm updating our computer. I'd love your thoughts on which way I should...

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mat1 20th January 2020
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So I have found a company in the UK that configure and sell Apple Mac Pro 2013 computers, which are only a couple of years old,...

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Meatloaf24 20th January 2020
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I have a 2010 Mac Pro and I am considering upgrading my three SATA SSDs to a single PCIe M.2 NVMe hard drive. Years ago, my...

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Jeff19 20th January 2020
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Hey everyone, Bought a pair of used Mackie CR4 monitors and played them for nearly 4 hours or so yesterday. Initially, there...

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karx25 20th January 2020
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Only a couple of years ago the best you could hope for was a highly strung 4 core chip. Which was fine to a point but still...

Hammer v2
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Hammer v2 20th January 2020
Avatar for silence2-38554

I recently sold my BLA 002 sig interface to partially fund one of the new Apogee Element interfaces. I went with the Element 46...

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Deleted e03114c 20th January 2020
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I have written a guide for setting up the cheapest yet fully functional Internet Radio Broadcast Studio for use with Skype...

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FRN 20th January 2020
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MM i5 6 core 3.0ghz 8gb Ram VS MP Xeon 6 core 3.33ghz 32gb Ram Exact same GarageBand project LOOK at activity monitor...

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Pikelets 20th January 2020
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Hey guys, first post here on gearslutz. Have always found some of the forums here quite helpful so thought I'd finally make an...

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rednaxela 19th January 2020
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Hello folks, I have just purchased a Presonus Studio live iii rack mixer. I am looking for Android tablet recommendations for...

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woodnut 19th January 2020
Avatar for Emrys

I want to change my sample rate on my Motu from 48K to 4.41k. However, when I turn it to 4.41K and then push the menu button to...

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Emrys 19th January 2020
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Looking at the Fab Filter DS for my go to De-esser plugin - for vocals, reverb sends, etc...though wondering how the Scheps...

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poshook 19th January 2020
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this mix is so ****ing clean and liquid. can u get **** sounding this good with everything (produced, recorded, mixed) in...

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12ax7 19th January 2020
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While ASIO4ALL significantly reduces latency and improves sound quality, many people have complained that it sounds different...

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funkmaster322 19th January 2020
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I’m using a scarlet 2i2 and a AKG perception 220. I’ve used it I. The past no problem but now I’m not getting any signal....

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jakeg70888 19th January 2020
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As requested. New thread started. To host all discussions on optimising Windows 10 for Audio../DAW

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Psychlist1972 19th January 2020
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Is external SSD with USB3 good low latency? Or do I have to go thunderbolt? And any recommendation of which one? I am...

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brousseau6933 19th January 2020
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It's time to retire my trusty old 2009 iMac and I'm not super up to date on all the modern specs I'll be needing... iMac Pro is...

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fastlanephil 19th January 2020
Avatar for Poopypants

Hi there, I'm looking for a portable interface. But wait; there's more... I could use a portable rig that will get only...

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Avatar for VenVile
VenVile 19th January 2020
Avatar for Jawsome

For my hobbyist needs, Ableton's plugins are fine, so I don't need something like UAD plugs running on an Apollo. Just want to...

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EMMST 19th January 2020
Avatar for studer58

I'm wondering about the implications of the following statement by Thesycon, the developers of DPC Latency Checker tool...

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Psychlist1972 19th January 2020
Avatar for Egedai

Hi everyone. I'm new around here as you can see; but have been working with audio technology for around 10 years. Until now, I...

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Egedai 19th January 2020
Avatar for dft3670

Using Cubase 10.5. In older versions of Cubase I used to be able to add a point manually on the automation lane of a track and...

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dft3670 18th January 2020
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I am looking to purchase an Apollo x8p in the next few days and I have a question that I can’t seem to find a proper answer...

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Ditto85 18th January 2020
Avatar for Deleted 5edf3fa

I know all songs/singers are different and require different treatment, but what is your default chain that you later tweak to...

Deleted 5edf3fa
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Avatar for arsonculture
arsonculture 18th January 2020
Avatar for matty_b

Hi all, Hope someone might be able to help me with this. I've got an RME Babyface Pro and my DAW is Logic Pro X. I've recently...

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jwh1192 18th January 2020
Avatar for mikoo69

Heard great things about this EQ and wondering how it compares to the stock Protools EQ3, or other surgical/precise EQs in 2020....

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mikoo69 18th January 2020
Avatar for overlookedent

This may sound like a stupid question; however, I ran into a post of someone saying something about plugging in 2 headphones at...

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overlookedent 18th January 2020
Avatar for Zacchino

Pocket-Size Audio Interfaces: Driver Latency Bro-Down 2020 Hello y'all, If RME Babyface Pro is the undisputed King of...

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Zacchino 18th January 2020
Avatar for tseliottt

Recently built a brand new desktop hoping it would fulfill my digital needs. Didn't really skimp on any parts: OS: Windows 10...

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Avatar for deliad
deliad 18th January 2020
Avatar for monkeymanx

I've moved to a large 4k TV for a monitor and notice there isn't many of the plugins I have that actually have high DPI support...

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monkeymanx 18th January 2020
Avatar for Homunculus

Has anybody ever compared these two? I'm dying to get the AMS RMX16 sound, specifically the ambience and NonLin but spending...

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Avatar for lite
lite 17th January 2020
Avatar for Musician

I dont get it. All installed plugins from Roland Cloud work right away... except the Jupiter 8. I edit parameter... nothing...

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Avatar for Musician
Musician 17th January 2020
Avatar for toofanstudio

I have two “ SSL ALPHA LINK SX “ , with SSL DELTA LINK MADI HD and Hd Native card on mac pro system . I test it my out put...

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Avatar for brew
brew 17th January 2020
Avatar for babydaddymusic

I have a late 2012 Mac Mini with 16 gigs of RAM, and an internal SSD of 500 Gigs I also have Apogee Element 24 which is...

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Avatar for CPhoenix
CPhoenix 17th January 2020
Avatar for B. Toast

Hi all, First of all, my issue is primarily that I'm running into slowdowns without actually seeing full utilization of any...

B. Toast
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B. Toast 17th January 2020
Avatar for Fallingman

Anyone hear any native instruments rumors?

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Avatar for bobbybland
bobbybland 17th January 2020
Avatar for babydaddymusic

Coming from a 2012 Mac Mini i5 dual core 2.6GHZ with 16 gigs of ram and a 500G SSD. Why not this Mac Pro from OWC? Your...

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babydaddymusic 17th January 2020
Avatar for esldude

Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the new Launcher for the Antelope Audio Zen Tour. It insisted I update to...

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Avatar for esldude
esldude 17th January 2020