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Which is more convenient for music production/studio? I've just got meself a Synology DS720+ NAS server and I'm investigating...

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Skrzak 29th May 2021
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Hey all. A few days ago I messed up my PC pretty bad (not music related), and decided to do a fresh install. Today I...

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ambiguous signal 29th May 2021
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I'm demoing Soundradix Pi right now, working with a drum mix. At first I was blown away with the immediate improvement of low...

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anguswoodhead 29th May 2021
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Was warned about their support, and tried to fix address less than 5 min after making an order, and its been impossible to reach...

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chefboii 29th May 2021
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Hi guys, I am frank Heuvelman from the Netherlands and I have a serious issue I've used a E-MU 1820M system for years but now I...

Frank Heuvelman
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Frank Heuvelman 28th May 2021
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I'm looking to buy either of the two. Through the grapevines, I hear RME has the most rock solid drivers. On the other hand,...

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John James 28th May 2021
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hi, So i just installed my brand new ID22 and it sounds amazing but it seems that the newest version driver (v4.1.9a) has...

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grvn 28th May 2021
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Hey guys, I've had my Audient iD14 for around 6 months - I got it when I moved to working from home last year. I had...

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grvn 28th May 2021
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Hello everyone, I worked with audio for a good 10 years and for personal reasons, I quit it 8 years ago. Last year I bought a...

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chessparov2.0 28th May 2021
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So what’s your go-to distortion plug for squashing a drumbus?

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DirkB 28th May 2021
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Hi First of all I would like to apologize if this is not the right place to ask this type of question, but it seemed the most...

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Magnus_N 28th May 2021
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I've been using Trackcomp 2 for a while, and I love it; however, I just purchased N4 (Nebula) and am loving Tim P's compressors. ...

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natenyc 28th May 2021
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Time to upgrade from my old silverface Apollo and I'm interested in the Sphomphny Mk2 (8x8 or 16x16) as my new interface. I'm...

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soundofhope 28th May 2021
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Hi there I have an Apogee AD16x connected to my Mac through the Symphony 64 PCIe card - working fine no problems. Until I can...

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gravyface 27th May 2021
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I'm about to buy a Caldigit Thunderbolt Hub The longest Thunderbolt cables are 2 Meters or just over 6 feet I suspect there is...

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Gaston_H 27th May 2021
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I'm considering upgrading to an RME Fireface interface from an XR18 and have a question regarding native audio on the computer (a...

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3rdpath 27th May 2021
Avatar for Funkster

I've wanted something like this for a really long time, but nobody made one so I got creative. For me, trying to EQ with a...

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Mrmatthewfelton 27th May 2021
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Hi guyz i asking you something : i m currently trying roland cloud stuff , and i was a bout to buy several perpetual keys but i...

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ataylor 27th May 2021
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I’m in the process of making an album, and one particular mastered track in the bunch is being turned down considerably more...

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jsbeeth 27th May 2021
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Hi all, This is totally petty, almost unnecessary, but I'm searching for a dynamic EQ/ multi band compressor to use in...

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dikrek 27th May 2021
Avatar for marQs

Have been at Musikmesse Frankfurt, got a minute of the VMR demo, took another look at Raven, met Steven but definately forgot to...

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Jorg 27th May 2021
Avatar for NoVi

As the Apogee technical support site seems to be broken (and there's no mail address on their website available) I thought I...

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Avatar for soundofhope
soundofhope 27th May 2021
Avatar for Granny Nakajima

Hi, I am looking for an audio to MIDI converter for drum replacement. In other words, I'm looking for a drum to MIDI...

Granny Nakajima
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Granny Nakajima 27th May 2021
Avatar for rectifried

Doesn’t have to be crazy, but just software developers post update number and date of release. For all of us that have been...

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rectifried 27th May 2021
Avatar for PaulDawkins

Hi all, Having demoed the UAD Sound Machine Woodworks plugin - which does a truly remarkable job of converting a really...

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PaulDawkins 27th May 2021
Avatar for WheelieR

Hey folks, For the sake of easy recall and flexibility, I am trying to get rid of any hardware on my mixbus. I usually use...

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djrustycans 26th May 2021
Avatar for Phil Foster

I'm about to buy the FabFilter Pro Q but Frederik there has told me of the Tell-a-Friend feature they offer. So I was wondering...

Phil Foster
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Avatar for samprock
samprock 26th May 2021
Avatar for Frankie.T

I'm curious to know what plugins do you think improve a lot your music, and if there is a plugin you use that have the same...

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Belka 26th May 2021
Avatar for Sunshy

Wish I could post a poll on here but I guess I will just ask: Who is still using these in their workflow? Who has stopped using...

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Sunshy 26th May 2021
Avatar for mikoo69

I own echoboy and about to purchase Valhalla. Looking at the UAD delay offerings as there is a sale now and I just got my UAD...

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greggybud 26th May 2021
Avatar for SDB_12

Hi, I have a Pro Tools subscription (2021.3) and am on a Mac running Mojave 10.14.6. I also have the latest version of...

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SDB_12 25th May 2021
Avatar for analogholic

I´ll try my luck over here since nobody seems to be able to answer this.... When auditioning loops from the preview list, I...

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telecode 25th May 2021
Avatar for Aussieyankee

Most of the information I can find is regarding software compatibility with Big Sur, but anything regarding audio interfaces,...

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Aussieyankee 25th May 2021
Avatar for Tony Giglio

Hi guys, what internal DAC has a M1 MacBook Air? Does it support 24bit/192kHz? And how does it differ with the DAC...

Tony Giglio
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surflounge 25th May 2021
Avatar for benjiboko

hi all. I own the original rat shack reverb and many other audio damage plugins but I need the original one to re-install to...

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benjiboko 25th May 2021
Avatar for Prototech

Hello, I want to use small external computer as External FX Unit (using my own standalone EXE application with ASIO as external...

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Avatar for jupiter8
jupiter8 25th May 2021

What’s the best AMD Cpu plus Motherboard combination for Ableton live?I believe Ryzen are better for multitasking. Thanks

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MUSICMUSIC 25th May 2021
Avatar for lorcamusic

Hey guys, I just got my hands on a second hand Fireface 400. I bought a Firewire PCI card to plug it in, installed the...

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Skrzak 25th May 2021
Avatar for Bluespower

Hi guys, Just finished building this hack mac: - Ryzen 9 3900x - PowerColor RedDragon 5700 XT - Trident Z Neo DDR4-3200 64GB -...

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ckrueger99 25th May 2021
Avatar for MattStarling

Hello all, I'm looking into upgrading my main DAW computer to windows 10. So far all of my software looks good, however I've...

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Avatar for troggg
troggg 25th May 2021
Avatar for KamandaSD

Hello all, and thanks in advance for you time. I need a hand choosing between three monitors: LG 32GK650F-B MSI Optix...

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drockfresh 24th May 2021
Avatar for tymish

I'm looking to finally upgrade my ancient Mac Pro 1.1 and Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 rig. It's been rock solid though maybe not...

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Avatar for tymish
tymish 24th May 2021
Avatar for aquafreak

Did a lot of searching of threads on this one - a lot of people had similar questions going back in time but more time has passed...

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Avatar for Stefan502
Stefan502 24th May 2021
Avatar for darkwavo

Hello all. I’m seriously debating the interface for my new recording station here in Amsterdam. It all has to be compact, so...

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engmix 24th May 2021
Avatar for KriticalMass

Just a heads up that Spitfire Audio have a decent sale on right now - I think pretty much everything is at least 30% off.

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KriticalMass 24th May 2021
Avatar for justaquestion

I want to upgrade my computer to Ryzen 7 or 9 CPU, also get 1tb m2 ssd for faster loading times. Unfortunately desktop build is...

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Avatar for KriticalMass
KriticalMass 24th May 2021
Avatar for my_studio

Hi guys!! Good to be back on this super helpful, priceless gear forum. So, I've spent the whole week, searching through...

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Avatar for Sugarnutz
Sugarnutz 24th May 2021
Avatar for Deleted 7c2c8ee

Recently, I have to unplug and plug-in again the power cable on the Orion SC whenever opening my computer after it enters Sleep...

Deleted 7c2c8ee
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Deleted 7c2c8eec84da091 23rd May 2021
Avatar for zebastian21

I have an Apple Display 27", it works great but I'm considering changing to the LG 34UC99-W 34" LCD curved monitor ....

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Avatar for Kaatza Music
Kaatza Music 23rd May 2021
Avatar for Aurora_A

Hi everyone! I own a Metric Halo ULN-2 2D unit that I purchased some 12+ years ago and I have used it to record classical...

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Avatar for Jimbo
Jimbo 23rd May 2021