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I am looking for something that can fit on my 61 keys keyboard, to fundamentally do all that my keyboard does NOT do. I need...

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Darkmere 4th February 2020
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I had some favorite preset sounds saved in Helm. When I went back in a week later they were gone. Whats up with that?? Any free...

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678x 3rd February 2020
Avatar for Andrew Higgins

I'm working on a long track that was done with improper sync between converter and interface. So I'm hearing about a click per...

Andrew Higgins
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Andrew Higgins 3rd February 2020
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Hi, I'm not sure if this post is landing in the right category but I'm looking for a new audio interface to record my vocals,...

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submarin 3rd February 2020
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Just bought AA RUBY and discover great low boost and very soft high freq. Only one regret, no boost for mid.

Deleted 2b2d553
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AcusticaCM 3rd February 2020
Avatar for thenoodle

I wanna see a whole bunch of little vu meters .... no plasma meters. I'm in the mood for this lately. I don't want to click to...

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studer58 3rd February 2020
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Hey so...this guy is Josh Gudwin - he does the vocal processing for Justin Beiber, Dua Lipa, Rhianna, Celine Dion. He's...

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MattyJoe 3rd February 2020
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Hi, The new 16" MacBook pro is strong enough for 96/88.2Khz with 150-250 tracks (include bus/aux) with Omnisphere/Alchemy?...

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aviorrok 3rd February 2020
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Ok. It's about time I got over my fear of this. Since I'm not really ready to go 2d, I figured I'd see what all the fuss was...

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bakerman 3rd February 2020
Avatar for Webraider72

I currently have an Apogee Duet (Mac/PC/IOS version). I'm happy with it except of course, the break-out cable. Was thinking...

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Webraider72 3rd February 2020
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Any way to hook up an mtx sub to an aiwa av-d25u to pc?? Don’t know if this is the right sub to ask this question but figure...

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nyrizzie 3rd February 2020
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

Anyone have the Avalon 737 and compared it to the plug in? How close does it get? Hiw much do you like this plug in?

Glenn Bucci
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Glenn Bucci 2nd February 2020
Avatar for init0

Just bought a used ~2013 Macbook Pro 15" for "Studio B" Can this connect to a UAD x6? If so, can someone...

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init0 2nd February 2020
Avatar for ru2tory

I'm trying to create my own custom folder and locate it in my files browser for Battery 4. I don't see an option to add folder...

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ru2tory 2nd February 2020
Avatar for Guy Gabriel

I would like to know, especially from people who actually used a real hardware 1176. Which in your opinion is the best sounding...

Guy Gabriel
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Avatar for 10pints
10pints 2nd February 2020
Avatar for tomylee

hey there, I am still on a 2012 cMP, 5870, and I run 3 screens with 2x1080p and 1x2k resolutions, the web is empty when it comes...

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tomylee 2nd February 2020
Avatar for just_manu

Hi, first, happy new year to all of you and sorry for my english. I've been always working on windows with cubase. I find asio...

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Avatar for danispirig
danispirig 2nd February 2020
Avatar for noou

Hello, I'm considering buying a Microbook II for use with a Windows laptop. I'd like to know some users experience, especially...

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Avatar for mutetourettes
mutetourettes 2nd February 2020
Avatar for garyjones42

Hey! I currently have an apollo twin x interface, and i just ordered a pair of beyerdynamics DT 1990 headphones. Now most people...

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garyjones42 2nd February 2020
Avatar for rocksure

I was wondering if anyone knows an easy way to enode a watermark such as a beep to audio previews on a website? Because there...

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Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 1st February 2020
Avatar for LiteWork

Hey Guys first post on here, made an account because I cant find an answer to my question. So I have a lp 120 usb turntable with...

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LiteWork 1st February 2020
Avatar for Gino20

Greetings, So I downloaded this and extracted the...

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Avatar for Gino20
Gino20 1st February 2020
Avatar for Touch The Universe

I'm thinking of dropping 2.5k on a top of the line xps 15 after a heap up upgrades. I've used dell for 15 years, and researching...

Touch The Universe
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Avatar for pshz
pshz 1st February 2020
Avatar for PQMusic

Hey guys, just built a new pc need some help on bios settings please. When I load up a daw like cubase or fl studio I play...

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Avatar for Pictus
Pictus 1st February 2020
Avatar for B. Toast

I know the component specs of Waves soundgrid servers are less than impressive given the price. Does anyone here know what...

B. Toast
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Avatar for B. Toast
B. Toast 1st February 2020
Avatar for MowingDevil

What's your essential flanger plug-in? (AU)

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Deleted d22f2ee310aef20 1st February 2020
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I'm considering the possibility of using my Mac Mini for live performance of electronic music and would like to use my iPad Pro...

Deleted 91769da
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Deleted 91769da 1st February 2020
Avatar for davernoise

Hello, Was wondering if anyone has upgraded an older MacPro (Early 2009, 2.66, quad core) operating system to a solid state...

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Avatar for GLouie
GLouie 1st February 2020
Avatar for nickcrizzle

I have a glyph blackbox that isnt in use right now and am wondering if I can make the most of it. Is it possible to set the...

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Avatar for nickcrizzle
nickcrizzle 1st February 2020
Avatar for fictionman

8 kHz static noise in my audio recordings Hi, Everything is in the title. You can listen to the noise in the attachment...

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Avatar for ErezW
ErezW 1st February 2020
Avatar for Sumdoris

Is there an actual practical limit of either IO or device count for making an aggregate audio device before it all goes to crap?...

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Avatar for MINDRXN
MINDRXN 1st February 2020
Avatar for brightshine

The scenario is: I have finished recording into the session. Now I want to mix the session. Should I do a “save as” and...

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brightshine 1st February 2020
Avatar for garyjones42

Hey! I have been looking to get a good pair of cans for the past few weeks or so. I do have studio monitors, but certain things...

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garyjones42 1st February 2020
Avatar for Laimon

Hi, I am considering buying a secondhand Apollo Twin Solo MKII, and I am trying to answer these questions: 1) does it work...

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Laimon 1st February 2020
Avatar for Resonater

Hi all, As more of us upgrade to the new Mac Pro, I thought it might be helpful to have a thread that focuses on storage...

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Avatar for Monkey Man
Monkey Man 1st February 2020
Avatar for tomatoKetchup

Hi guys, Juno.co.uk has big sales at the moment and among them products is this little no-bells-and-whistles 2-channel audio...

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Avatar for tomatoKetchup
tomatoKetchup 31st January 2020
Avatar for oboemaroni

I upgraded my DAW earlier this year and have reinstalled everything except two Waves plugins, being aware the WUP thing is a bit...

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Avatar for simon.billington
simon.billington 31st January 2020
Avatar for PAnthony

Hi Everyone, Just wondered if anyone has any ideas why My S88 MK2 sustain and mod wheel doesn't work in logic. All keys work...

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Avatar for PAnthony
PAnthony 31st January 2020
Avatar for Pikelets

Or should I go internal blade ssd on my new Mac?

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Avatar for DJ Bechara
DJ Bechara 31st January 2020
Avatar for BruceSokolovic

Apollo X8 or Antelope Orion 2017. Why? Windows 10.

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Avatar for DJ Bechara
DJ Bechara 31st January 2020
Avatar for lossleader

Does anyone know, roughly, how powerful the dsp chips are in interfaces like UAD, RME, Apollo, and now Apogee? I would...

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Avatar for chrischoir
chrischoir 31st January 2020
Avatar for TomUK1

I'm using a scarlet solo 3rd gen and a Samson Q2U. I have the gain set to about 3 oclock on the scarlet and in windows I have the...

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Avatar for TomUK1
TomUK1 31st January 2020
Avatar for OliverV

Hi all, If anyone who has a CC121 could check this for me, I'd be very grateful. For comparison, the Steinberg CMC-CH fader...

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Avatar for OliverV
OliverV 31st January 2020
Avatar for axonaxoff

Sorry if this is a redux but I searched through the forums here and never found exactly the answer to this. (also sorry but I...

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Avatar for axonaxoff
axonaxoff 31st January 2020
Avatar for mikoo69

I am about to do some A/B testing to compare a Unison 1073 and my BAE 1073; I also plan to compare the hardware 1176, LA2A, Fatso...

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Avatar for tkaitkai
tkaitkai 31st January 2020
Avatar for Macavity

As my FIRST post (intro?) - Just thought I'd ask: "Anyone into making DIY Midi Control Surfaces"? :) 70's...

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Avatar for johannburkard
johannburkard 31st January 2020
Avatar for axisrecording

I have two PT 10 rigs that this same error comes up when trying to open sessions that were created in PT 11.3.1: "The...

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Avatar for axisrecording
axisrecording 30th January 2020
Avatar for vinimino

Hello. I'm trying to use Minilogue XD as a MIDI controller, but most knobs don't work in SW synths - Massive, Hydrid, Harmless,...

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Avatar for vinimino
vinimino 30th January 2020
Avatar for MusicMayhem

Hi guys Please correct me if this is in the wrong forum but I have a question related to an audio interface. Basically Ive...

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Avatar for I.R.Baboon
I.R.Baboon 30th January 2020
Avatar for MPrinsen

I'm having troubles with latency when I do routing of my outboard synths through the DAW and then through outboard FX and back in...

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Avatar for msmucr
msmucr 30th January 2020