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Just installed via update on my M1 Mini 16/1Tb. So far so good. Cubase, Live, and of course Logic are running fine with RME card....

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MattyJoe 2 hours ago
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Well ... I had upgraded my CPU and MB, updated the BIOS firmware etc, found out about and sorted MBR & GPT partitioning to...

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cprompt 3 hours ago
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with the intention of having a source to know what hardware is good for our new Windows 7 studio pc (both 32 and 64bits), getting...

George Necola
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Pictus 6 hours ago
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Hey All, I am sure all of us have seen posts over the years where end users have purchased a new audio interface and have...

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kominak 6 days ago
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Because of posted recomendations for illegal software, cracks and some very unfriendly replies, I will post some rules here: 1....

George Necola
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George Necola 13th September 2005
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Hey All, This thread is a continuation of my work that was detailed in my other thread here - i7 Nehalem Hyperthreading in DAW...

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TAFKAT 12 minutes ago
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After a move to get back in the box I have decided on Cubase / Console 1 based system. What annoys me beyond imagination is the...

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Jeff.calcaska 35 minutes ago
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A thread for discussing user experience running M1 AS Macs - ***** UPDATE 11/18/20 *************** I found an error in the...

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Tui 44 minutes ago
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SSL Native Channel Strip2 and Bus Comp2: i have not seen a Thread regarding this yet ... so, here we go ... lets talk about...

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vitocorleone123 47 minutes ago
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Would some of you kindly share your opinions, both good and bad? Compare and contrast Neural’s Amp Plugins and their...

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guitardick 57 minutes ago
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Would some of you kindly share your opinions, both good and bad? Compare and contrast Toontrack’s Superior Drummer or...

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bgood 1 hour ago
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Hey guys, from people who have experienced both platforms is there one you prefer over the other? I am an experienced studio...

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v00d00ppl 1 hour ago
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Would some of you kindly share your opinions, both good and bad? Compare and contrast Waves Plugins and their customer...

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guitardick 2 hours ago
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Who Uses Plugin Alliance? How to they compare to Wave, FabFilter, Softube, Sound Toys, UAD etc. If so, what's your favorite...

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musicman691 2 hours ago
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Hi there, in this thread I hope to gather all the current information about the AMD Ryzen platform and the issus with UAD 2...

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SF_Green 2 hours ago
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i just tough`t we could have a place where we could discuss every aqua plugins and make it more easy to stay on topic :) and...

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Kyle P. Gushue 3 hours ago
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Hello! Thinking about making this upgrade but wondering if anyone has experience? Is it worth the $$? RUNNING: DP 11 Mac...

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aarondrake 3 hours ago
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Hey Slutz, I've been using the id22 since June and it's been a total gem up until recently and I'm not sure if I've got a...

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Rockshamrover 3 hours ago
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Metric Halo 3D is here. A fresh 3D thread to discuss questions about the new interface, what will it do for you (apparently it...

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Sanchez 4 hours ago
Avatar for EvilRoy

Sigh. I miss OS9. The more OSX approaches iOS, the more I hate it. Okay, here's the situation. I got a new Mac Pro 2010 12 core...

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Lazerbrains 4 hours ago
Avatar for tsma

Hello everybody. I'm sitting here at High Sierra v10.13.4 and Logic Pro X v10.4.4. My system is stable, stable, stable. So...

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Pingafuego 4 hours ago
Avatar for George Necola

as Windows 10 is rolling out since yesterday (depending on the timezone you are in) we want feedback. seems to be a registry...

George Necola
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Avatar for Kyle P. Gushue
Kyle P. Gushue 4 hours ago
Avatar for krabbencutter

Hey everyone, I've been actively trying to build a custom soundgrid server, based on the open source files provided by Waves....

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illeos 5 hours ago
Avatar for Fred vom Jupiter

Technical background: Simulation of analog sound like saturation from transformers, compressors, tape, EQs,... makes the...

Fred vom Jupiter
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plx 6 hours ago
Avatar for Sry

Hello. I’ve thought about getting a MIDI controller (or synthesizer) to use for sort of a master keyboard to control my other...

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Sry 7 hours ago
Avatar for Cainsmoker

I have tried Alesis forums, email and calling them to no avail at all. I am looking for anyone who has access to one of these...

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kbrooks1776 8 hours ago
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Hi, My 500Gb OS drive is filling up and want to replace with a 1TB. First thought was just to replace what I have (Crucial...

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Shawnobi 8 hours ago
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Hi there, Help is appreciated: I have an Antelope Orion Studio Synergy Core, running Studio One 5 Pro, on a high-spec Windows...

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brackin 10 hours ago
Avatar for motomotomoto

How is this compressor? It's very very old, but with a facelift recently. On sale for ridiculous 20 bucks at sweetwater for a few...

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smurfyou 10 hours ago
Avatar for Geosync

The Yamaha n Series combines Cubase AI (Advanced Integration) software with a 8 or 12 channel Firewire studio mixer to create a...

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kire 11 hours ago
Avatar for Ernest_PL_CA

Hey folks I have a strange problem with my Steinberg UR44. Well, it's not really a big problem, because it's more of a side...

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manollo 11 hours ago
Avatar for invalidusername

Hi Am the only one getting random CPU spikes, random midi notes hanging, random crackles turning into feedback, and random...

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invalidusername 11 hours ago
Avatar for Ekko

Hi I have an iMac running snow Leopard which also has a Windows partition (Bootcamp) running Windows XP. I've read that you...

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BenSW 13 hours ago
Avatar for nightjar

Finally! Apple has announced an event on Monday, Oct 18... 10am Pacific. New 14" and 16" MacBook Pros with...

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thedommer 13 hours ago
Avatar for kxbooks

As per the title - I bought a desktop for production in July (on the basis of advice given here on GS) as my laptop is very old...

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kxbooks 14 hours ago
Avatar for ArisA

Hi all, i somehow missed that thread...Ok, i give it a try, just bought Nebula 3 Pro, and i would like to get now the essential...

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Avatar for Flex1
Flex1 14 hours ago
Avatar for bgood

Win10 64 bit RME Madi fx (2) Ferrofish A32 Quick question y’all... How do you guys set up the inputs gain staging on...

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markusschloesser 14 hours ago
Avatar for romveld

Hello everyone! I would like to make a small review of the online studio for creating music "Amped Studio". I just...

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Diogo C 16 hours ago
Avatar for 79adam79

If you could only have either Nebula 4 or Aqua, which would it be? This is kind of a flawed question tho, since the Nebula 4...

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Avatar for DiBiQuadro Audio
DiBiQuadro Audio 18 hours ago
Avatar for seedee701

I'm looking for a way to have a client be online-present for a mix-tweak session. Mix is done 95% I need to have the client...

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Avatar for hgregg61
hgregg61 20 hours ago
Avatar for Fluoroadol

I recently purchased an SSL 2 Audio Interface, and I'm having many problems that I'm now certain are to do with my computer. I...

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Avatar for Fluoroadol
Fluoroadol 20 hours ago
Avatar for Asbasnowe

Hey guys, i've updated my Mac Mini M1 to Monterey. I've got the following gear: Metric Halo ULN-8 and Lio-8 via MH...

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mh_bj 21 hours ago
Avatar for Jeffrey Hill

Hello, I have an Aphex USB 500 Rack whose support ended when Aphex discontinued the product in 2015. When I upgraded to...

Jeffrey Hill
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Avatar for shadrin
shadrin 23 hours ago
Avatar for p-t

Hey all. So after many years of using my old MOTU systems with a ton of IO used to interface two computers and all my external...

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bgood 23 hours ago
Avatar for 242

Hey there, I see a lot of comments on different VST plugins and CPU load. It would be advantages for me to evaluate all my VSTs...

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Avatar for 242
242 1 day ago
Avatar for nksoloproject

Just a quick thread. Did you ever decide to switch to another DAW from the one you were using, and if so what made you switch?...

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Avatar for jdunn
jdunn 1 day ago
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, There seems to be masses of Waves plugins for sale all the time and I'm curious to know if any of them are particularly...

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Avatar for barfwafl
barfwafl 1 day ago
Avatar for lunecha

Hello, maybe i gonna buy this : https://www.tascam.eu/pics/series_102i.jpg https://www.tascam.eu/fr/series_102i +...

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Avatar for lunecha
lunecha 1 day ago
Avatar for aquafreak

I was reading some posts in the experiences with m1 thread from earlier this year that spoke of some challenges with Lynx Aurora...

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Avatar for TimmyMac
TimmyMac 1 day ago
Avatar for 3bc

I'm not a newb, but I don't use many waves plugins either. Sorry if this subject has been beaten to death. I just got a new...

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3bc 1 day ago
Avatar for Patrick_

Now with the PC version available. I've been offsetting my heavy effects plugs to my slave laptop and man! This has been a...

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Avatar for dasoundjunkie
dasoundjunkie 1 day ago
Avatar for timehalt

Hi all, Over a week ago I got my brand new SSL UF8 DAW controller from Sweetwater. It's exactly what I expected it to be, and...

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Avatar for UnionJackGibbon
UnionJackGibbon 1 day ago
Avatar for dudadius

My Motu 828es started doing this after I upgraded to Big Sur: after the Mac is asleep for an extended period of time--guessing a...

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Avatar for dudadius
dudadius 1 day ago
Avatar for Faceless98

Looking for best in class AD/DA + Interface + Preamp combo in a desktop format. The interfaces I have my eye on are: 1) Apogee...

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Avatar for Karloff70
Karloff70 1 day ago
Avatar for b0se

*** No software / piracy chat allowed *** This thread is for the discussion of picking hardware, settings, drivers, tweaks,...

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Avatar for Arseny
Arseny 1 day ago