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with the intention of having a source to know what hardware is good for our new Windows 7 studio pc (both 32 and 64bits), getting...

George Necola
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ElmoHope 4 hours ago
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Hey All, I am sure all of us have seen posts over the years where end users have purchased a new audio interface and have...

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Piyono 7 hours ago
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Today the first official version popped up in Software Update. Surely not for the fainthearted like me, atm but did anybody...

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Monotremata 5 days ago
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Because of posted recomendations for illegal software, cracks and some very unfriendly replies, I will post some rules here: 1....

George Necola
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George Necola 13th September 2005
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i just tough`t we could have a place where we could discuss every aqua plugins and make it more easy to stay on topic :) and...

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wagz 3 minutes ago
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If there was an App that can do singing, how will it be, how it should be? If a music composer or a sound engineer (who is not a...

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Nocturndweller 34 minutes ago
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Currently own 4 verbs Eventide Stereo Room 2016 for studio "room" sounds Eventide Blackhole for...

Deleted 18acee4
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ozraves 55 minutes ago
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Hello Producers, i am buying audio software and plugins for many years and recently i am starting to select and sort out the...

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dkr 1 hour ago
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I’m transitioning from a Windows PC to an Apple Silicon Mac. My current audio interface is the discontinued M-Audio ProFire...

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i need Help 2 hours ago
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Who Uses Plugin Alliance? How to they compare to Wave, FabFilter, Softube, Sound Toys, UAD etc. If so, what's your favorite...

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greggybud 3 hours ago
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Is there anyone here using the plug-in "Lounge Lizard EP-4" from Applied Acoustics Systems? If so, perhaps you could...

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bigEjams 3 hours ago
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Whats the most realistic sounding piano vst?Cinesamples piano in blue sounds pretty good to me.Have cinebrass and think it sounds...

guitar dan
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Fleer 4 hours ago
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What is everyones' favorite analog modeled mastering eq right now? Black friday is going on and it is really the only thing I...

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HBIII 4 hours ago
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Hi all, i somehow missed that thread...Ok, i give it a try, just bought Nebula 3 Pro, and i would like to get now the essential...

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think2wice 5 hours ago
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Metric Halo 3D is here. A fresh 3D thread to discuss questions about the new interface, what will it do for you (apparently it...

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CustomStudios 5 hours ago
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Which one is closer to the lexicon vocal hall reverb ?

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TS-12 7 hours ago
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A thread for discussing user experience running M1 AS Macs - ***** UPDATE 11/18/20 *************** I found an error in the...

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Mikael B 7 hours ago
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Hey guys, I own quite a few amp sims at this point and they offer some guitar pedal sims, but they are a little limited and...

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Guitarain 8 hours ago
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Hello, I'm looking at using a thunderbolt pcie expansion chassis with an RME raydat card. I'll be connecting to a mac...

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Dr Gruv 10 hours ago
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I'm finally moving on from my 2010 MacPro and getting a Mac Mini. I've been using a Universal Audio UAD-2 Solo PCIe card in my...

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blueflag 11 hours ago
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So I’ve gotten the chance to demo and use some of the drum libraries everyone knows: Addictive Drums, BFD3, Superior Drummer,...

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Macky 12 hours ago
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Kontakt 7 is out today, and I bought it and installed it. First, the bad news - a lot of my older Kontakt-format libraries...

Dave Polich
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soapmak3r 12 hours ago
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For some reason I keep getting a failed password warning. Also... Cannot find sub forum for this kind of post

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BM Grabber 12 hours ago
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Hi all! It's that time of the year again (spending too much money and trying to justify Black Friday purchases :P) I have...

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nikhilkmusic 12 hours ago
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Have been at Musikmesse Frankfurt, got a minute of the VMR demo, took another look at Raven, met Steven but definately forgot to...

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BM Grabber 13 hours ago
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Hi there, in this thread I hope to gather all the current information about the AMD Ryzen platform and the issus with UAD 2...

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easyrider 14 hours ago
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Hey guys, been using Superior drummer 3 for a while and own a fair amount of their midi drum packs now. Loving the software,...

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guavadude 14 hours ago
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Do you think its worth it? Do you wish you had gone bundle from the start? Is UAD in a Transition phase forced by the...

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easyrider 15 hours ago
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So today, in a storm of unfortunate bullsh*t, my iLok got broken beyond all repair. (Details don't matter, really, but it...

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thenoodle 16 hours ago
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Hi All, Working an album mix right now .. it's a core metal project with the usual cavalcade of guitar tracks. I've been using...

Deleted 1a30a04
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Raaphorst 16 hours ago
Avatar for Simma Lugnt

I consider to buy Burl Audio Mothership B80 with Dante card BMB3 and wonder if anybody played with it? It seams to be a...

Simma Lugnt
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audiospecific 16 hours ago
Avatar for J Gabriel

Well I've had a wonderful time with my UAD Solo Thunderbolt for the realtime features (singing through awesome sounding fx etc...

J Gabriel
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J Gabriel 16 hours ago
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What are my options when it comes to string machine plugins? I see that the Waldorf Streichfett is currently on sale for US$33,...

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Dave Y 18 hours ago
Avatar for torpor

In all versions of Mac OS before my connected AMT 8 was detected and the driver was installed automatically over the App...

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Rosscodiscotrain 19 hours ago
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Does anyone use Stream Deck (with the hardware or as an app on the smartphone/tablet) or similar tools like Touch Portal,...

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4damind 19 hours ago
Avatar for TLgs

I watched some video about convolution reverb and it was demoed using Kilohearts Convolver ($39) and some interesting effects...

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kirito 22 hours ago
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Well ... I had upgraded my CPU and MB, updated the BIOS firmware etc, found out about and sorted MBR & GPT partitioning to...

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AslashA 1 day ago
Avatar for sixstringsensei

Hi, I'm new here. I started recording in 2003 with a Line 6 TonePort in Garageband. Eventually, I moved to Logic Pro. However, in...

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SoundSensei 1 day ago
Avatar for Nickel Iron Core

I currently use the following hardware compressors: * Drum bus = Roland M16E mixer for saturation > FMR RNLA * Master bus =...

Nickel Iron Core
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Scragend 1 day ago
Avatar for mattjhuber

I’ve been diving into Atmos mixing lately, and I am curious if anyone has any thoughts on a frustration I’m having....

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mattjhuber 1 day ago
Avatar for aaron_js

Hello everyone I am a long time lurker of the forums. I currently have a presonus Quantum (original) that I use for...

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ToneAlive 1 day ago
Avatar for pandafish

I knocked through most of my remaining wishlist, plus a few toys: Tone Projects Basslane Pro & Kelvin Oeksound...

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pandafish 1 day ago
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Hi im freaking out right now because I just updated my imac to Ventura and it erased all my files on ALL 3 of my external hard...

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M2E 1 day ago
Avatar for Fendrix

Hi All, I have just recently started compressing electric guitars with dedicated comp plugins. Before I was either using channel...

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Fendrix 1 day ago
Avatar for Saudade

Just saw it announced on Harmony-central: ZED SERIES :: ALLEN & HEATH Looks like the best feature set for my...

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Avatar for Nen'O
Nen'O 1 day ago
Avatar for Howlback

Thinking of pairing the Digiface with a Pulse 16. Is anyone else out there using this combo? For $1,648 retail, it seems like a...

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Avatar for Monotremata
Monotremata 1 day ago
Avatar for HRR

OK, so since the people in my other thread about buying a mixing console have pointed me in the direction of looking at a digital...

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HRR 1 day ago
Avatar for Sky

I applaud Apple for targeting our “studio” market segment with this release. I would love to buy a loaded Ultra, just...

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xenozeno 1 day ago
Avatar for rhythmcomposer

Does anyone know if the AMS RMX16 reverb plugin from Universal Audio works with non-UAD audio interfaces? I heard that UAD have...

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UnMix Studio 1 day ago
Avatar for TLgs

I posted this thread a couple of hours ago but it's lost for some reason. So again: One thing missing from my toolbox is a...

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TLgs 1 day ago
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Hi all adding my two cents after a few years with a very expensive Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt and a pretty much continuous...

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rofus 1 day ago
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Anyone wanna take an educated guess at what the 'magic' fader could be triggering on JJP's actual rig? It's adding high end, but...

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digitaldreamdisc 2 days ago
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Discussions Gearspace.png Hi everyone! My name is Amin, founder of Techivation. I made this new thread for...

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Stefan502 2 days ago
Avatar for Dor

Just installed via update on my M1 Mini 16/1Tb. So far so good. Cubase, Live, and of course Logic are running fine with RME card....

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MSTro 2 days ago