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Apple buys Universal/Vivendi????
Old 11th April 2003
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Apple buys Universal/Vivendi????

Copy pasted from LaTimes.com
Sources: Apple May Buy Universal Music
By Chuck Philips
A deal could yield up to $6 billion for parent firm Vivendi and make tech maverick Steve Jobs the most powerful figure in the record business.

bye bye silver disc? hello mp3/AAC?

How might this affect us?
Old 11th April 2003
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This is going to be big. Very very big.

The next Eminem single could go from concept to 4 megs on my iPod using Apple products all the way. Logic -> PT -> Interscope -> you get it...

Although Apple only has 3% of the market, they continually groudbreak and lead the industry. I think Jobs will do it again.

Of course Bill Gates will buy EMI and make more money and claim originality and all the PC slaves will hail again their conquering hero.

Not that I have a point of view or anything.

Way to go Steve.
Old 13th April 2003
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Thumbs down

Tunesmith get a grip.

What is it with Apple fanatics? I mean do you say your prayers to Stevie every night?

It is BUSINESS, plain and simple. Here's a tip Tunesmith. Steve Jobs doesn't give a **** whether you live or die. It makes no difference to him. All Steve Jobs cares about is his immortality. Ask anyone who has worked for him. He is very insecure.

He is a salesman with some very cool ideas - some are worthwhile some are not. In this respect he is EXACTLY the same as Bill Gates - difference being Gates' company owns 95% of the PC market. If Microsoft perceives what Apple is doing as a threat they will get in to a bidding war with Apple for Vivendi. I'll leave it to you to work out who would win that.

Oh, and before you accuse me of being a "PC slave" (yawn), I will tell you that I use several 3GHz homemade models. "PC slaves" don't get hung up about these things. Life is too short.

BTW, I also own and use two Macs, including a dual 1.42 GHz machine.

Overall, I prefer the Mac.
Old 13th April 2003
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A. Your obvious hostility is unwarranted and speaks to some sort of internal issue and I feel you should, for your own safety and the well being of those around you, contact a mental health care professional.

B. I don't know Steve Jobs. I don't have illusions about Steve Jobs' personal investment in my well being. I think he is either 1. A great thinker, or 2. A hirer of great thinkers. Either way, I don't care. Many of the innovations of the last 20 years in regards to computers and software are directly traceble to the Apple company. I am simply giving props where props are due.

C. Bill Gates is a whiny little bitch who should be sodomized in prison. Bill Gates should be drawn, quartered, and the reassembled as part of the new Whiney the Poo ride at Disneyland. Bill Gates was responsible for 9/11. Also the Cuban Missle Crisis. And he wrote the script for Congo.

Perhaps you can read between the lines and perhaps you could see my hyperbole.

How's my grip now?
Old 14th April 2003
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Very nice.

Back to the Universal thing, I think the jury is still out on whether this would be a good buy for Apple. My feeling is that between this and Pixar, Apple would be very well positioned to do what AOL/Time Warner have not been able to do, that is profit from digital media content.

If you look at the Apple retail strategy, you will see a success story where others such as Gateway have failed. I think with the One-click/.mac/Apple music combo coming together nicely, the future looks bright for Apple.
Old 14th April 2003
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"Many of the innovations of the last 20 years in regards to computers and software are directly traceble to the Apple company. I am simply giving props where props are due."

Name ONE.
Old 14th April 2003
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"A. Your obvious hostility is unwarranted and speaks to some sort of internal issue and I feel you should, for your own safety and the well being of those around you, contact a mental health care professional."

Hey, I'm not the cult member!

Silly tunesmith.
Old 14th April 2003
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Originally posted by GoGeeump
"Many of the innovations of the last 20 years in regards to computers and software are directly traceble to the Apple company. I am simply giving props where props are due."

Name ONE.

Old 15th April 2003
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Will Apple's Universal Music

Here's a good theory....
Will Apple's Universal Music
Kill Microsoft's DRM?
Monday, April 14, 2003
Contributor: Scott Danford | Host: Eric Peterson


"Late last Friday, The Los Angeles Times dropped a major news bomb when it told the world that Apple had been involved in discussions with music and entertainment giant Universal, to purchase the organization's music division.

Popular consensus amongst analysts watching the proposed deal suggest that Apple's motivation for making such a purchase would simply be for diversification purposes.

Missing the Point

I believe these analysts have missed the point. For the past year, Apple has been working to secure agreements with each of the five major record labels to allow the company to integrate a music buying service into its operating system.

Although the recording industry hasn't found a means to profit from a new age in which MP3 mixing and burning is now the norm, It is this new age which has been a major boon for the computing industry.

Tell me Why

Knowing that Apple has managed to get a blessing from each of the major record labels to allow it to move forward with its music purchasing software, the question that many people are asking is, "Why would Apple need to buy Universal's music division in the first place?"

The answer? It wouldn't.

A buyout of Universal's music division offers Apple a strategic advantage against Microsoft's digital rights management. If DRM gains widespread adoption, it could effectively push Apple out of one of one of its major computing strongholds: content creation.

Ever since music file-trading services became mainstream, recording and film industries feared a future in which people pirated audio and video rather than paying for it.

Selling Your Soul

Microsoft offered these organizations a digital rights management solution, which would require that all digital files be tracked back to a single source where it was purchased or created. If a file couldn't be tracked, its ability to be opened or played would no longer be valid.

Content creation fields have been moving toward an all-digital media format future. Microsoft wants all those formats to be Microsoft-owned. The company has worked towards thus goal by signing up media producers with promises of copy control, pay-per-view and other DRM features.

A Lock Out

Apple inevitably feared a future in which new music and video files couldn't play on computers not running Windows. If all the major music companies sign on to this DRM strategy, consumers may feel forced to stay "inside the lines" and use only Microsoft-created solutions

However, if an Apple-owned Universal Music didn't sign on to such a scenario, being the largest recording company could create the necessary leverage to keep other record companies from doing the same.

Everybody Wins

Additionally, if Apple established a business model that encouraged ripping mixing and burning all while making a profit for both itself AND the recording industries, it would be a win-win-win situation for consumers, Apple, and the recording industry.

A scenario such as this would effectively cripple Microsoft's DRM efforts, which explains the news that occurred the following day. Come Saturday morning, the New York Post reported that Microsoft had expressed interest in buying Universal's music group also.

Are we to conclude from this news that Microsoft is interested in creating its own music buying service? Personally, I doubt it. More than likely, Microsoft hopes to kill Apple's anti-DRM efforts before they even have a chance to get started.

Bidding Wars

Apple's current bid reportedly stands at approximately (US)$5 billion, which is about one billion more than the company's current cash reserves. Microsoft need only create a bidding war thus driving Apple's bid out of range forcing it to pull out of the deal altogether.

Assuming Microsoft outbids Apple, it may STILL be a moot point. Apple has already secured deals with each of the (other) four major record companies. Microsoft would be castrating Universal if they didn't sign as well.

Nobody but Microsoft, the RIAA and the MPAA wants a future involving digital rights management. Whether you're a fan of Apple or not, the company's efforts are our only hope from having these organizations force us to use certain software and technologies.

Do the Right Thing

Once it's available, it is very important that we use Apple's service and avoid the temptation that Kaza, Gnutella and other free music services give us.

If you don't want to pay the cost of a full CD to get only a couple songs that you're interested in, services such as Apple's upcoming one are ideal. They offer one of the last real chances to dictate our computing future before Digital rights management dictates it to us."
Old 15th April 2003
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Oh my child...

Name ONE??!!?!

You're kidding right?

Are you not old enough to remember what the old IBM's were like? I am.... I remember. PC's are great now. I use 2 regularly. For gaming. And internet.

You call me a cult member. You're a fool. I am a capitalist. I am a free marked junkie. I choose to use the best computer solution for what I do for a living which is recording / writing / producing digital music. If a wintel machine was my best solution, I would use it.

When Logic got bumped to mac only, I called a friend of mine who was a long time Logic PC user and asked him what he was going to do. He, to my suprise, was loyal to the software to the point that he went out and bought himself a bright shiny new dual g4 tower.

He hasn't looked back since.

Look at the analogy this way.... If you go to best buy and pick up a copy of acid... you've got yourself a pretty cool piece of software. If you want a piece of serious software, you head down to west L.A. music where the big boys play.

As soon as Bill Gates and his cronies come up with a serious music machine. Lemme know.
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