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A&H Zed R16 Firewire Mixer
Old 8th January 2021
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Hardware interfaces and software OS both change so rapidly, obsolescence is a real problem! Besides the R16 I spent thousands on an Apogee Symphony system with Thunderbridge, way back in the ancient days of regular Thunderbolt. That system is maybe 6 yrs old? They have not announced Catalina support yet either, not for Thunderbridge anyway. The R16 product though filled such a great niche, I totally agree, I wish they would make a new version or somebody else would come out with an equivalent. Closest thing now is Tascam M24 and it's no comparison for performance. Having the built in interface and doing away with all that cabling is such an advantage!
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I'm seriously contemplating getting some Apple-made adapters to connect the board to thunderbolt 3/4 while they are still around...

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🎧 10 years
for what its worth, I recently bought a FW 400 to 800 cable, an Apple FW to Thunderbolt adapter and an Apple Thunderbolt to 2 to 3 adapter, as well as a Thunderbolt card [same mfgr as my motherboard] for my windows 10 studio PC. Could not get it to see the ZED R16. After a few hours of trying, I gave up ... for now.
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Hello there, hope you all are safe and sound.

I'm trying to figure out if ZedR16 FireWire card can be replaced with Dante Brooklyn II card. That modification would enable ZedR16 to directly connect to Dante network and basically be future proof.
Since both are open source programs there might be a chance to integrate Brooklyn into Zed.
At moment I'm exchanging emails with A&H, Audinate and indie developers.
Keep you updated.

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I’m intrigued. Good stuff. Keep us in the loop.
Old 29th January 2021
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🎧 5 years
Holy cow! That would be amazing!
Old 30th January 2021
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Sound Arch - that sounds amazing!

I just dropped in to say that I was getting major headaches on Windows 10 (frequent crashes, sample rate cycling), which is well known. I found advice to roll back to the 4.1.0 driver from A&H, and it worked like a charm yesterday afternoon (meaning only two blue screens of death!). This is a major step forward for me.
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I think I solved pro tools vs R16

Hey guys I've read through most of this thread and I just wanted to let you know I've solved every single error that's ever happened with pro tools and the zed r16. Last night I got it working to it's maximum capacity. It actually did everything it said it was ever supposed to do fgor hours and ZERO errors with pro tools. All I had to do was vchange a few permissions in the system scvhost but I'm trying to recreate it now so there was a few more steps apparently
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Here for the gear
Old 30th January 2021
Here for the gear

Hey everybody! SO after years of using Pro Tools I just discovered something that allows me to use Pro Tools, stay on the internet, listen to music on a separate device and basically do whatever I want without EVER getting playback errors anything PERIOD!!!

That's right every issue you have ever had with Pro Tools is now solved and even the company that created the program either does not know this or hasn't figured this out because I can't find info on this anywhere.


*****I forgot one step you have to disable every device except for your interface only whiie opening Pro Tools.
For some reason once Pro Tools has opened you can enable whatever you want and switch audio sources as much as you want and nothing trips it1. Have your Interface connected (I use the Allen & Heath Zed R-16, may be able to do this without it connected but this is what I did)
2.Open Task Manager
3. Go to Details
4. Find any scvhost.exe (may only work on a SYSTEM svchost but unsure)
5. Go to advanced permissions
6. Change the owner from "TrustedInstaller" to your username
7. Add "User(You)" & "Pro Tools user Group" to permissions list with full control
8**edit forgot to mention ENABLE INHERITANCE

BAM what I found is literally everything functions flawlessly as the programs intended to. I can watch youtube on chrome or listen to music on media player and run it through my console while using the playback in Pro Tools. I can switch default devices seamlessly on windows while doing whatever on Pro Tools or have Pro Tools playing in the background

Bottom Line is every single issue I've ever had with Pro Tools is GONE

I just figured this out and tested it as much as I coulkd for now, but I opened it toyed around for a while and closed it and NOTHING. Not a single glitch. I can even switch playback engines no problem and everything functions as it should for the first time ever.

I figured this out by fluke and Id LOVE to hear if any of you get similar results on different systems

Tested On:
Windows 10 1909
Allen & Heath Zed R-16
Edirol FA-101
Pro Tools 12.5

pretty sure you can change any scvhost.exe and it changes all of them.

PS I created an account just to share this with you

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Also here's a .bat file for optimization

Oh yeah and also here's a .bat file I found here somewhere to optimize pro tools

With this you have to change one number based on the number of cores both logical and virtual you have

For example I have 16 cores but 32 total counting both

Enter this as binary so a 1 for every core you want active a 0 for every core you want inactive and convert it from binary to decimal

So for example mine is


Converts to 4294967288

So drag the bat file to notepad and change the number to suit your setup and now pro tools runs efficiently as hell

I like to leave this on my desktop

Also you have to run this script every time you open pro tools as administrator. Open it after pro tools is open.

Hope these help others!
Old 31st January 2021
Here for the gear
With this method I have pro tools working flawlessly with all onboard audio and any audio source I want now active.

PLEASE let me know if you have success with this
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Here for the gear
Check out my post here might help
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Here for the gear
Check out my post here and let me know if it fixed your problems
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ZED r16 Dante mod

Hi there, for all of you interested in Dante mod here is some info.

Good news is that Dante Brooklyn II Mini-PCI module use the same connector as Zed's FIREWIRE Mini-PCI.
Tricky part is that Dante Brooklyn II operates in Linux environment, meaning that it requires writing new driver from the scratch for ZED's converters.

Allen& Heath's R&D team doesn't have interest in further support for Zed r16 so don't bother contacting them, we are on our own in this task.

For all interested you can find more info about Dante Brooklyn II here

Please share your thought and ideas.

Cheers Neno
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A&H Zed R16 Firewire Mixer-allen-heath-zed-r16-16-ch-firewire_1_0f4911dab2efd6c3ea12ee7ee5bbe954.jpg   A&H Zed R16 Firewire Mixer-dante-brooklyn-ii-.jpeg  
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Where I can get news for this amazing project?
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Originally Posted by GiPe ➑️
Where I can get news for this amazing project?
There is no official project at the moment, just me brainstorming.
A&H already developed Dante expansions for other range of their products, unfortunately ZED series are not on the list.
IMO the best way to go with this would be to talk with engineers from A&H.
I think someone here mentioned taking advices about direct out mod from Mike from Allen&Heath R&D department, if that channel is still open maybe he can ask him about Firewire/Dante mod?

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A&H Zed R16 Firewire Mixer-dante-3quarter-right_72-1.jpg  
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Since...if you install drivers on Mojave then update to Catalina u get it working-

Could be a code signature problem?

or to disable the SIP?

Did no1 tried to manually copy the files (by checking with from Mojave installation to Catalina?

I want to try on my mini late 2018 ill install after disabling SIP!

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My Zed R16 has been a trusty servant for years.
Never missed a beat.
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JUST DISABLE THE SIP (System Integrity Protection)
google: how to disable SIP on Catalina (note how to enable too)



REBOOT & CHECK if all is working ..dont forget to switch to firewire on the back of the console to test it fully and check also the adat .

(once re-ebabled at startup you will get a message that the system extension TC applied technology is locked...manually unlock it by click unlock ..enter your admin password and you are done) this is the kext driver!

Enjoy the ZED R16 firewire on Catalina...

Is still on test here but is working fine on my Mac mini late 2018 with Thunderbolt 3 adapter to Thunderbolt 2 connected to Thunderbolt 2 adapter to firewire (ALL APPLE ORIGINAL ADAPTERS).

Yuhuuuu! WORKS also on my GSR-24 too

Last edited by GiPe; 18th February 2021 at 06:57 PM.. Reason: GSR-24 info
Old 18th February 2021
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Hey ZED crew,

I'm on the search for workflows in combination with Ableton Live. I got a little outboard gear yet (searching for more!) and at the moment I program drums ITB. I'm searching for a electronic music producer (House music would be great), who is open for a talk (chat or video) about his/her presets and workflows.

Any help appreciated!

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Pro tools & A&H Midi control

Has anyone gotten the midi working 100% with this yet? I have up to the transports working but still no pots or 1-8 buttons (well not mappable. I managed to switch between the mix and edit windows)
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Here for the gear

****EDIT: so it stopped working and then I got it going again by switching the tick from when project opens to midi 90 00 00 because I figured this would cause it to loop out if the translator.

Once in pro tools all of a sudden it started working once I pressed the MTC button in pro tools and all of a sudden everything works again! I don't know the exact method yet but I got this going twice in 3 days now 100% and also confirmed no other midi program was in use (just bome and pro tools)****

Heres a link to the folder I created and will host forever on my drive. Feel free to contact me if anything is missing

*edit forgot to mention the template in this folder is set to work on Channel 16 of the zed. For any other channel switch the 9F to 90(CH1) to 9F(Channel 16) on ever translator. I know it sucks but tahts what I had to do many times swapping between channels testing why it wasn't working**

Okay so here it is. I don't know if I'm late to the party but I seriously hope this helps someone out there to not go through the last 3 weeks of midi hell I just went through!

So I've included a RAR of everything I did here. It turns out the allen & heath file for bome they gave us was missing one thing. They left out a translator that tells bome to interact with pro tools on the proper channels. Before it either wasn't sending the signal out or bringing it back in.

Input: 90 00 7f
Output: 90 00 00


Also that translator remains the same regardless of what channel the zed is set to.

ALSO make sure for TRANSPORT CONTROLS that they are set to send sysex data

I've modified the bomes template a lot also to provide functionality so that you no longer have to tick and untick the solo mute and record buttons, now you just press shift to cycle through them and use the 1-8 buttons as you want.
Also if you hit the "+" button it will cycle through a few variations of editing hot keys, pressing shift brings it back to rec, solo and mute functionality on the 1-8 buttons.

I am planning on going more in depth with this and including Banking and mouse functionality as well later once I figure it all out properly. The mouse and keyboard stuff at the top however is just some sections I'm working on with my keyboard to be able to completely forgo a traditional mouse and keyboard at all, still a work in progress. Believe me those functions made me hit panic a few times.

I've also included every piece of documentation I've come across in my last 3 weeks of struggling with this for a good 4 to 8 hours a day!

There are full notes on every HUI protocol code as well as A&H notes & other ones made by Zed Users.


Feel free to add to and share variations of this template. We can probably do a few cool things noones thought of yet with the midi. I was thinking of using the black faders as a trackpad.

PS IF YOU FOUND USE IN THIS PLEASE FOLLOW THIS 32 YEAR OLD OBSESSIVE OVERGROWN CORN LOVING RAPPER ONS SPOTIFY know whatever really cause god damn I put a lot fo work into this......



*mic drop*

*walks away & cries a little bit*

Last edited by QLOfLandfill; 26th February 2021 at 08:54 AM.. Reason: Needed to add link to files
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Here for the gear
For your information I emailed A&H's canadian representative all of this and told them to change the data on their website (nicely cause I'm not a jerk you know) but it needs to be done cause this was a nightmare to figure out. But hey forced me to learn hui, hex, cc, sysex and all sorts of midi coding I never thought about before
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🎧 10 years
Originally Posted by QLOfLandfill ➑️
For your information I emailed A&H's canadian representative all of this and told them to change the data on their website (nicely cause I'm not a jerk you know) but it needs to be done cause this was a nightmare to figure out. But hey forced me to learn hui, hex, cc, sysex and all sorts of midi coding I never thought about before
I don't use ProTools but do have an R16 and just wanted to recognise your efforts in getting this working, since no-one else seems to have commented Cheers GD
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🎧 10 years
After a long leave of absence I'm finally resurrecting my home studio project, most likely built around the lovely ZED R16 (at least to begin with). Problem is I've now moved on to an M1 Mac Mini since my iMac became poorly and I will have a challenging time trying to interface the two.

This thread is very interesting, as I was planning to go primarily Dante for the project. Replacing the R16 firewire board with a Dante board would be incredibly good but is likely to be quite a complex project:

- the FW/Brooklyn connectors may be the same but the wiring of them will be completely different
- the Brooklyn uses an FPGA of their own development which is unlikely to have any similarities to the FW board in the R16: think a fairly major new piece of FPGA development by someone who understands the R16 and also the Brooklyn FPGA
- there will need to be a completely new set of drivers written, which in my case would have to be M1 compatible as well

Also, is the A&H ADC on the Firewire card? And is there one on the Brooklyn card? I've not looked in detail but if not then that will also have to be designed in and it's not trivial.

Not saying this isn't possible, but it will need a lot of input from both companies and probably a couple of tame but experienced design engineers (hardware/FPGA and software for the drivers).

Couple of alternative paths I thought of which have also been mentioned here:

- R16 via FW to old Mac Mini running the A&H driver and also Dante Virtual Soundcard out to ethernet... but as pointed out this will likely only give audio out from the R16 and not the integrated MIDI control (unless the driver is modified...). Also, latency...

- plain old ADAT from the R16 to a USB-C computer audio interface as well as plain old MIDI out from the R16 to a MIDI in on the interface. Thing is I don't think using the A&H MIDI control app (which *IS* supported on macOS Big Sur) would give the equivalent of the FW driver integrated control especially since the R16 only has MIDI out and no MIDI in.

By the way I'm in the UK a little way up-country from A&H in Penryn so could have a chat with them about Dante. I have spoken to Mike Griffin in the dim and distant path (he won't remember) but could try him again as well. It seems a shame that the R16 is included in the supported list for the MIDI Control app along with all the other new digital mixers but not for Dante.

To be honest, replacing the Firewire board with a USB-C equivalent would be the simplest and most useful way to keep the R16 current. Might look into that as well.
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Here for the gear
Thank you! Ugh lol I had everything up and running 100% the other night but now bomes doesn't seem to want to connect with pro tools again and I'm losing it. Seriously went nuts when it all finally worked the other night now I'm down to wondering what I did differently. I have rtpmidi and midiox on my computer as well and now I'm wondering if one of those was playing a part in it working as well. The hui tick is the part that's being missed in all this though. Pro tools just isn't recognizing the ping
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Here for the gear
Okay it's working again see midi post for more info!
Old 28th February 2021 | Show parent
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🎧 10 years
I'm looking at another possibility - replace the Firewire card with USB-C, rather than Dante.

Is anyone else interested in that?

I have an interesting potential route to that which is possible in principle but I will need to talk to A&H next week to see if they'd provide the info and support needed.
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Anybody ever get a full service done on their Zed R16? By A&H? Even if it costs me half the price of the mixer I would do it.

They should make a new version yes. Smaller, digital i/o on cards, no silly midi controller pots n buttons, I NEVER use them except for the transport. No EQ but inserts on every channel. D-Subs,16 mic pre.

Kind of like this but with a high end AD/DA.

Too busy to mess with hacks on this. I may go X-Desk with a Burl or similar.
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