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What do I do now that I got internship........
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Originally Posted by Ken Scott ➡️
Bloody hell. After all that I'm terrified to make any kind of suggestion. Sorry.
Hi Ken!

By all means, go ahead.

Don't worry about the, well, you know......
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Originally Posted by John Eppstein ➡️

It's another shining example of what happens when well meaning government regulators stick their noses into an area in which they are totally ignorant.
I disagree. The government regulations are there to protect people from being exploited. The rules for what constitutes a legal internship actually come from the fair labor standards act of 1938

None of the internships that I've seen in recording studios or record labels meet all of these criteria.

I do see how the apprenticeship type of situation that you describe could have worked out in the past. Back in those days if you started out by hanging out at the studio for a while and were serious about it and worked really hard you had a good chance of actually making a career out of it. Unfortunately nowadays this is just not feasible. I think we're all trying to see a situation where people can have sustainable careers in the music industry; but the way internships work nowadays they actually end up doing the opposite of this in most if not all cases.

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