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Piracy/copyright enforcement discussions - not welcome, sorry!
Old 15th April 2012
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Exclamation Piracy/copyright enforcement discussions - not welcome, sorry!


Since the Music Piracy sub forum has been closed, a lot of the exact types of threads that would have used to reside there have been popping up now in this forum instead. It's been a slow creep but now it seems to be rather regular, and it seems like once they hit 2 or more pages the complaints get fired in from all sides - it's completely circular and it's the reason we closed the piracy sub forum in the first place - they become serious wastes of moderator time and they agitate a lot of forum users!

So as of today, any threads to do with copyright enforcement/legislation and piracy will be deleted, sorry. Current threads will be closed as we find them.

We are always reviewing policies here and this may change in the future, but for now thanks for understanding our position. There are lots of other places you can argue your faces off about music piracy and modern copyright issues - for now, Gearslutz isn't one of them!

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