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Largest songwriting forum for _pop_ songwriters?
Old 15th November 2009
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Largest songwriting forum for _pop_ songwriters?


I've been browsing through a lot of songwriter forums lately. Problem is, most of them are either not very popular, or they have like 15 amateur songwriters per every genre.

Anyone know any decent forums specifically targeted for Pop (or Rock) music songwriters?

Old 21st November 2009
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American Songspace
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Yuck. Its disgusting seeing all those bands that are currently signed to majors that are looking for songs in the "needs" section.Every one of them, EVERY ONE OF THEM, "looks" the part AKA highly marketable to the prejudices of the people, is overproduced, and HA the caper? THEY CAN'T EVEN WRITE SONGS.

Oh the true side of the music business.

I say they are watering down the art of music just as much as the basement recorders.
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What is bad about a performer looking for great songs?

When you have people who's main claim to fame is looking good on video who then try to write songs - you get the current state of music. You get the bedroom singer/songwriter/engineer/producer/musican.

Sometimes great songwriters trying to sing also produces a train wreck.

When you have good performers performing and good songwriters writing, good arrangers arranging, etc, then you have a chance at some classic and memorable performances. It's a very rare individual who can both perform AND write well.

Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Aretha Franklin- all sang great songs written by great songwriters.

Otherwise, we get songs like Disco Duck by Rick Dees; In The Year 2525, Afternoon Delight, etc ad nauseum.
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In The Year 2525 will be stuck in my head for weeks now ha ha.

But I agree with Larry 100 percent.
Great performers are great performers and as a writer, I'm glad they use the best material they can find.
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Dude, don't hate on Afternoon Delight.
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sky rockets in fli........ Ah Crap!

StereoPari, a lot of forums such as this one has members that are writers, but i don't know of one just for writers.
Old 4th January 2012
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New forum is now open

Songwriting - Gearslutz.com

(as for producing - you can discuss this in any of the top 3 sub forums already)

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