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What does 'commercial' consist of?
Old 12th November 2009
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What does 'commercial' consist of?

Pardon my ignorance, for the last 10+ years all I've been involved with has been music production with artists/bands etc.

I am planning on opening my studio soon and really wanted to do commercial work as well. I've never done any before so I have a couple questions. Any answers would be awesome.

What type of services to corporate clients typically ask of you?

How do you bill your corporate guys? Per job? hourly? Is anyone ever paid a 'salary' from a business to act as their audio guy?

I know there is TV and Film, and I'm not trying land a major licensing deal for a major movie realease or anything, but I suppose I'm just curious what you guys do for your smaller clients and how your business relationship works.

Thanks for any insight!

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