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Sequencer or Idem to play Live
Old 4th February 2009
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Sequencer or Idem to play Live

Does anyone know a specified hardware to play sequences previously recorded live while a band plays Live against a metronom?
Thanks for answering ASAP
Old 5th March 2009
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Lightbulb Sequencer Background Tracks

I have done setups for bands who use everything from an ipod and a crappy keyboard amp to a 16output DAW setup with Monitor console and wireless in-ears.

It all depends on what you require from the tracks. Ideally you woundnt use any background tracks, but it is not an ideal world.

So: the best (IMHO) would be a laptop with an 8 output audio interface like presonus fireface. You will also need 8 channels of transformer ISO split, a small 8 channel mixer (with multiple aux outs) and some in ear monitors (wireless or wired).

It will be a lot cheaper to hire another Keyboard Player (I am available)

Open this thred in the "So much gear So little Time" (great thred by the way)

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