I'm really hesitant about TAXI. I've heard many negatives (and positives) about the service. Anyway, If TAXI is the wrong way to get my music into "somebodys" hands (labels, TV/Movie/advertisement music execs, etc.) what is the right way? I know its a "one shot in 2 million" but I need to start somewhere. I've read all the industry standard books etc.. I want to know the methods people here have used. I'm not expecting to be the next Mike Oldfield or Moby..but it would be nice to hear my tracks as background for commercials, television, etc. Please list your proven methods and sucsess/failure stories about TAXI or any other service. I plan on having a "4 track" sampler EP finished by summer. I'm hoping to have Sterling master the tracks. Listen here for an example of my work (it's unmastered...and in mid quality MP3 format)http://web.mac.com/a.daleclark/iWeb/...0Whispers.html

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Abery Clark