(I was forwared this email today and thought it might be of interest)

The PRS (The Performing Right Society - collects royalties from radio
and TV etc) is proposing to double the royalties paid out for "Prime
Time" TV broadcasts of music (helping the rich get richer) and - get
this - HALVING the rates for music broadcast outside this time. This is
divisive, unfair and ultimately insane! leading to a two tier approach
to music. There are moves afoot to apply the same thing to RADIO as
well. So those of us who earn a little bit from those late night shows
that don't just play the top 40 "artists" will lose out.

Please sign the petition at http://www.composersforafairdeal.com/home/

even if you are not a composer or writer, and it doesn't matter which
country you live in - the principle is one that should be upheld. Fair
distribution of airplay royalties

There are only a couple of hundred signatures on the petition at the
moment - let's make a Myspace campaign to get thousands in a matter of
hours. As a PRS member I shall also be writing to the committee and I
encourage ALL PRS members to do the same. By the way this has the
backing of many Music Publishers too so it's not just a case of
musicians whining!

Rant over. please sign
(Name witheld for privacy)

Seem reasonable!

Good luck with it!