Lets Talk Music Business Politics....

Last week, I got off the phone with a developer at Myspace who I have known for quite some time. During our discussion, I brought up the idea in a joking manner, "Hey You know Myspace should offer - Ad Supported Downloads" where users can get music for free and artist get paid for their plays. He Chuckled, and said "can you imagine talk about what a monopoly that would be". I went to work in the studio that night and all I could think about was, "Jesus that would be huge!"

Some of you already know about We7.com which allows artist to come an upload their music, of course the long and the short answer is that they dont know how much they will be paid, when they will be paid, and instead we have to rely on Peter Gabriel the business guru to come to the aid of saving the music business. Genesis didn't save the business, how the heck is he! Sorry, media grafting is an idiotic business model, every savvy mixing engineer knows that if you graft the beginning of the song with some five second piece of ad, it wouldn't be long until the song was purchased legitimately and then sewn back together with Wavelab and then shared.

So I called my buddy at Myspace back, after doing some research and sure I found out that there are a handful of other companies I found in my quest, but none of them have mostly gotten out of the park yet. However, Myspace has the largest listening audience in the world, 190 million users and growing. Most of which are kids and young adults who have nothing better to do than to sit on their computers and write comments on user profiles. The Myspace flash player is badly in need of a makeover, and this time I believe that it should include a little media window to the left, where normally pictures go, but instead the artist can choose an option to allow the song to be downloaded from myspace by using that little picture window to the left on the player for a video advertisement.

That one little picture could be worth billions of dollars to not only myspace, but in turn to the artist themselves. Plus, Wah La Music is a free business model where everyone wins. His Response,"Sounds Good, Myspace would never go for it. Could you imagine the spam wars! Its a cool idea in concept, but implementing it. Thats another accounting nightmare."

WHY NOT! Myspace in one fell swoop of programmatic genius could save the music business. He said it wasn't that simple.

I am a dreamer, a pragmatist, but by golly I am determined to get Myspace to do this. If they did this, it would put Itunes out of Business in well about ten seconds. I figured it would take about ten seconds once the code was fixed on the player to do this and the advertisers were ready to do business, but every download company on the web would be dead in the water same with the P2P Market, why share something when you can get it free while checking your messages, stalking people, it sounds brilliant!

Whats in it for the Advertiser? 190 Million people viewing your ad, in fact, in some cases on huge bands websites like Avril Lavigne, one second could mean millions of dollars in revenue. So instead of having one big banner at the top, they would have one in that cute little window

I have developed an idea of what Im talking about and you can either visit my myspace profile or follow this link and it will show you, while this is very much a beta version to demonstrate the business model, it allows you to see what I am talking about.... Its in the bottom left column on my myspace or
this link

Tell me your thoughts...