Larry Lessig: Laws that choke creativity | Video on TED.com

TED Talks Larry Lessig, the Net’s most celebrated lawyer, cites John Philip Sousa, celestial copyrights and the "ASCAP cartel" in his argument for reviving our creative culture.
given all the recent debates over piracy, copying, free-art commerce-art, etc., i offer up what i believe is an EXTRAORDINARY perspective.

it never occurred to me how much more is at stake than simple protection of copyrights (which is, imo, a good thing). our culture has changed in ways i haven't fully processed, but that our children have assumed as a baseline, and this fact is significant.

the law is equally oblivious to the greater cultural implications of imposing old notions of content on the new generation of technology and its users.

maybe you'll agree, maybe not. but you'll probably see things a little differently. it's an excellent presentation regardless.

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