I am looking to move to NYC(sound familiar) and pick up a good assistant job. I have one commercial pop rock album under my belt that I am quite proud of. I acted as producer, recording engineer, mixer and mastering engineer. I also have experience with commercial work, including writing, performing, recording, mixing, mastering, sound design, for a 2 week long, international spot for Mountain Dew.

I figured I would throw up a thread here asking two questions:

1.) Do you work at top studio in NYC that would be able to utilize a very motivated guy holding a degree in sound design?


2.) What studios should I be checking out for pop and rock music in the NYC area?

I am very confident in the training and developement of my ears thus far and think that I have a lot to offer. I would love the opportunity to work under master engineers, and I am willing to brew up a mean cup of coffee if I have to. Though I am concerned with being able to earn enough money for a 1 bedroom studio, I am more interested in the experience I would gain at this point.

One thing I will offer is: Because I am not currently in NYC, if you are interested and would like to send me a list of questions I will answer them in a short video and place in on youtube. Ask anything from why do you want this job? to if you were an animal. I don't mind.

Here is a link to my resume. Please ask if you would like to hear the album I just finished or any other samples of my work. I have excellent references as well.

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Clay Schmitt
[email protected]