Lyle Lovett sells millions, earns nothing | Reuters

DETROIT (Billboard) - Lyle Lovett says he has never made a dime from album sales during his two-decade career, and hopes to rectify that situation when his contract expires.The eclectic country singer
I've always wondered how Lyle Lovett made money off his albums since I figured his roster and production costs must be astronomical.

I saw him the other night here in Vancouver. 22 people on stage (23 when Shawn Colvin came out to do a couple duets). Few really heavy hitters like Russ Kunkel on drums, Viktor Krauss on bass, and Sweet Pea Atkinson/Harry Bowens/Willie Greene Jr. on BGs (oh, and the 8 piece gospel ensemble). The pianist's name slips my mind (not Matt Rolling), but was a world-class player. Makes me wonder how he makes money on tour either. Payroll must be huge.

For all those complaining about not making enough money off album sales:

Lyle Lovett sells millions, earns nothing | Entertainment | Reuters

Lyle Lovett: My Label Must Embrace Technology | Listening Post from Wired.com

But, I'm glad there is someone with talent out there who puts his love for making great music and playing with musicians and friends he obviously admires beyond merely making money. He did infer a couple times during the show that touring is when he gets to reconnect with friends and that he's glad that he's able to do what he loves most. A most humble but exacting artist.