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Gabriel Considers Studio Show For Fans | Peter Gabriel Is Considering Turning An Upcoming Recording Session At His Real World Studios Into An Intimate Gig After The Incredible String Band Did Just That To Cover The Costs Of A Recent | Contactmusic
According to this source, Peter Gabriel said:
“The Incredible String Band wrote to their fans on their website and sold admission to their recordings… and that gave them the budget to purchase the studio time. They created a mini-economy based on 120 people.”
I have been writing about this very economic model as the one I plan to use in my studio, so am happy to see the likes of Peter Gabriel trying it out. More on my blog...

How many of you think this is a practical model for your work? Are you most constrained by:
  • Lack of bands that can actually play?
  • Lack of space for both bands and fans at the same time?
  • Lack of fans that can afford $100-$500 each for an experience?
  • Lack of reputation as strong as PG/Real World?
  • Other?
  • None of the above--I'm doing it now, or gonna do it soon!