Keep 120 Minutes on MTV2 Petition

Petition: We, the undersigned, call on MTV to urgently reconsider the cancelling of 120 Minutes from the MTV2...
MTVs 120 minutes taken off air!!!
MTVs 120 minutes taken off air!!!

I have been watching 120 minutes on and off for 20 years. I have found over 50% of my record collection directly or indirectly from watching it.

I can remember seeing the first portishead video when it was first shown. Sonic youth, dead can dance, cocteaus, the knife, jenny wilson,feist, f** buttons, pixies, throwing muses, kristin hersh, crystal castles, gus gus, aphex twin,mazzy star beirut,my bloody valentine and skylarkin.

I could go on but you get the point. This program took huge creative chances and was bever mundane.

It has been the most consistant music programme i have ever discovered. Also totally eclectic, a rap track next to a folk track. 120 minutes sometimes dished me up artists that i felt indifferent towards and slowly revealed their brilliance. In a way the program has shaped my musical pallette

I have never got into radio, i just can't handle the amount of poor tracks you have to listen to to get to one okay song, and also the banality of DJ bantar.

Where do i go to find new music now? I find a lot at gigs, and off peoples blogs, but i need to replace 120 minutes with something. But what?

Also what happens to alternative artists and lables tring to get their videos shown? Where are they going to get their music heard?

What is the impact going to be on alternative music as whole?

When i heard that the show had gone under, my heart sunk. I know its a TV show and not a person, but it had a physical effect on me. Kind of like when one of your favourite musicians passes away.

I've signed up to this petition, but god knows if it will do any good..

Keep 120 Minutes on MTV2 Petition


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