FabricAudio is a post production, recording studio and record label in Athens, Greece
Hello everybody

I started this thread since i don't think there is something similar in the forum (i hope!!!). Anyway i hope i posted in the right place

A little background: I am Nikolas Pamouktsoglou and co-owner with my brother Jordan of Fabricaudio. (fabric audio)

My expertise is Acoustical Engineer and at the moment i am doing a PhD in Sound and Vibration and i am teaching assistant at the University of Southampton in UK.

The design of the acoustics of our studio is a result of a three-persons team (myself, Symeon Delikaris Manias and Dave Rife, as also stated in the website in the team section)

I want some feedback in my idea

Since I am not a sound engineer i am going to look for one but my main idea is not having just one, the control room will be equipped so it can accommodate any sound engineer and it will offer tracking, mixing, mastering and Dolby approved post production on films and trailers.

From what i am aware so far there is big debate if sound engineer schools worth their money and how you can find job after. As many people stated correct, practice is an issue, the more the better.

So in the main course!!!

My idea is to create some kind sound engineer seminars in my studio, probably i will not give a certification with stamps and credentials like the schools.

''The idea of the courses is not just some sound engineer i know and tell him to find young kids and rip them off with private lessons and me getting a percentage of that because he is renting the place from me''

I want to try to keep the cost at low levels (i.e a fee for the sound engineer and and a fee for the studio the hours it is accomodated). This is why i beleve small groups will work better so they can share the cost between them. (i was a teacher in a private school and i know how classes work)

Since the studio i will have professional equipment i am thinking why not use it to spread the word to people who want to learn and become better and maybe in the future i can collaborate with them if they become good.

In terms of engineers, i believe one is not enough, everyone is different and has his own style, opinion and taste. So the more the better at the bottom of the line there will be more knowledge for the students. I am even thinking to bring engineers from abroad for short courses.

I am asking for opinions, probably it is something it is already done from other people, i want to do the same in Greece. I am bored when things are not organised and people take advantage of students (i am still a student...)

p.s: I hope you didnt got bored after reading all this story and you will give me some feedback