Chris Anderson is not so free - One That Knows

On Wednesday Chris Anderson gave a lecture at Media Evolution in Malmö as a part of a seminar organized by Sydsvenskan. In an article about the seminar Resume (”He speaks about free for half a million”) discovered an interesting thing about Anderson’s lecture. Anderson got 500,000 SEK (about 60,000 USD) for his lecture.
I saw that lecture (there's a movie clip on internet somewhere), and he explained that the reason he promoted 'free' but charged a lot for his lectures was that if he had to spend time away from his family, he wanted as much money as possible for it. In the same lecture he talked about why musician should have a day time job, and how one could try to make musicians/composer to charge less for their work.

I wonder if he ever thought of why composers and musicians shouldn't have the same rights as him to 'charge as much as possible' when they spend time on their work? If we should follow his suggestions, we should both have a daytime job, and make music when we come home fro work.... we'd definitely also have to spend time away from our families, but unlike himself, we shouldn't expect to get paid for that.

I don't remember where I saw his lecture in Sweden on "free", so if any of you come across it, please post a link. It was so unintelligent and meaningless that I kind of have to see it again.