What we have learned courtesy of our Pirate Party member SwedishPirate:

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The bands earn their money from concerts anyway.
Only the big ones can make a living from royalties.
This is just factually incorrect.
I wonder how many political movements can survive or thrive with views based on very easily debunked theory?

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in the belief of the party, (free copyright) doesn't hurt anyone except possibly big record labels.
Again, I guess it's an honest belief. However it is supremely naive. It's really of a level of proclaiming black is white.

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If you can copy chocolate with no extra cost of making another bar you should be allowed to make chocolate identical to that made by chocolate manufacturers. It will obviously hurt them but their outdated business model of selling something which is now an unlimited resource can't be protected at any cost.
Of course, there is a recipe for chocolate which someone worked hard on. The pirates would take that recipe without even feeling guilty.
Secondly, the fact this statement hides behind is that they are taking someone else's work, and taking away their freedom and choice.
The honest recipe for replicating chocolate is to make it yourself.
You need the knowledge, the equipment, and some skill. Pirate party supporters don't acknowledge they are bypassing those hard won requirements.
But if they did make their own 'chocolate'..... aka: artistic works made to be given freely, I would support them and vote for them.
In the end, if the Pirate Party was true to their beliefs they would be buying up original art prints, copying them with computer scanning and printing and distributing them freely around the world.
Why don't they do it?.... because it's more costly in materials than copying digital music, and because they are avoiding every creative group (writers, film makers, photographers and pictorial artists) waking up to the threat and falling in line against them.
The Pirate Party talk about the big record companies, which are popularly disliked, but individual painters and photographers have their livelihood protected by copyright. Those people haven't yet been targeted on the huge scale musicians have.
It's only a matter of time.
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You don't understand the concept of a free economy?
Market economy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In a market economy price is decided by supply and demand.
When supply is infinite price will be 0.
Sadly most of the public are not interested in the politics and political theory.
The public have discovered a way to acquire music free of charge and aren't really interested in the dabate over free market versus trade restrictions.
However, almost all the musicians I know, and many of the young music consumers are passionate about sustainable producing and the role of corporations like the supermarkets in destroying sustainable production to suit their bottom line.
Let music consumers now know, The Pirate Party supports the ultimate end game in corporate trade, where the market decides the ultimate asking price and suppliers (in this case musicians) are completely powerless.
This model completely mirrors the supermarkets practice of pushing prices down as low as they will go (to increase their own profit margin), and pricing competitors out of the market.
Any individual musician who charges a fee for their music is being priced out of the market by the pirates (you can't compete with free) and hounded out of existence as the pirates have flooded the music consumer with freely available, and free to buy product.
If supermarkets were to do this, which they would love to do, there would be widespread protest around the world. And many of those protesters would be young music consumers, obviously unaware that The Pirate Party have the exact same philosophy as Microsoft, Walmart and McDonalds = saturate your competitors with enticing goods at a price your competitors can't compete with - - - kill all competition.
End result, complete victory for capitalists (which the Pirate party freely admits) and an end to fairness which has been hard won over 100-200 years of world trade.
Interestingly, outside of the music business, this is the 21st century trade model most artistic people and most young people ascribe to and support:
People for Fair Trade - Australia