CNN.com - Peter Gabriel on the digital revolution - Jul 22, 2004

Four years ago, former Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel co-founded UK online music distributor On Demand Distribution (OD2). It was sold to U.S. company Loudeye in June for $38.6m (?21.1m).
ok, i'm just dreaming out loud here, this is highly utopic..

We are the creators, the artists. We know the truth about our condition. We've been defending this truth, explaining it, debating it over the past days on this forum, and some of us before on other forums and websites. We've been telling our truth to all sorts of people here, including to some weird emissaries from the so-called "Pirate Party"
Yet all over the planet, the public and parts of the media are living in a sea of myths, fantasies, lies, misconceptions and misinformations about who we are, how we work and create , how music gets financed and how we make a living, or just what being a musician is.

There is a huge void between us and our public.

How did we get in this situation ? How come people like the crooks from Pirate Bay gets their propaganda all over the planet , brainwashing everybody, and our truth doesn't get heard ? How come their lies became truth, and our truth became lies in the eye of the public ? How come we got in this situation where everybody has been convinced of myths like "Piracy helps the artists / We're only stealing the evil corporations / real artists don't ask for money / all artists are freaking rich anyway / artists don't make any money out of sales anyway / insert your own myth here "

How come these lies have become the norm ?

Maybe it's , in part, our fault.
WE have let the pirates, the corporations, the politicians, the bloggers, the thieves, the lawyers speak for us during all these years.
WE have let all sorts of liers, exploiters, destroyers, manipulators spread their myths and their propaganda, and speak for us.
We have let all sort of people speak for us, or about us, but is was almost never us that really spoke directly to the public.

We are supposed to be communicators, creators of sounds and words and images. Yet we haven't managed to communicate our truth to the public.

A few years ago (2004), i read this interesting interview with Peter Gabriel. some of his words were prophetic :"if artists aren't smart enough to get off their arses and change that now, then we deserve what we get, because we have the opportunity [to change that]."

Artist are individualists , they have their own little worlds and idiosyncrasies, and express them through their art. And that's also their weakness. They can't speak as one voice. Even if their existence depended on it.

So let me dream out loud for a moment.

An open letter to the public. Without any anger, or frustration , or patronizing. Without even solutions to piracy.
Just explaining our side of the story, our thruth, our condition , and removing some of the lies and myths. Not speaking through record companies , representatives, "thinkers", bloggers, etc. No, directly from artists to the public.
Just explaining , and reminding that those mp3's are not made by some vague abstract entities, corporations, or by the internet itself (!). But by people, flesh and blood like them, with the same interrogations and hopes. It's not "we and them". We are them.

This open letter to the public would be translated in as many languages as possible, signed by as many artists as possible from all over the world, big and small, major and independants, from every style and genres of music.
It would be then published in as many newspapers, blogs, websites as possible.

Enough rambling.. i know that it is going to be close to impossible to get everybody to agree on every word of this letter. I think we'll see men landing on Mars and building shopping malls there before that happens.

it was just me dreaming out loud here... still, it was fun