You may be jailed for spamming

You may be jailed for spamming - New York: Beware! Sending a spam is enough for police to take you to jail. A federal court in Manhattan on Tuesday...
In response to "FREE MUSIC", I'm quadrippling my prices. You heard right, quadrupled! KNOW WHY? Cause I don't think MY music should be free. In fact, I think it's worth $150 an album- and that's the bottom line cause it's MINE and YOU don't set my prices. I DO.

But seriously;

Music has been recorded (on paper) and sold since the 1500's. In the 1800's there were player piano's- and pianists sold rolls of paper. In the 20th century they sold records, tapes, CD's and now it's MP3's...

Do you really think this is going to last long? Remember when the internet started? (It was a huge free for all- people did anything they wanted.) But as each day goes by, new restrictions and laws get passed. Today, you can get jailed for spamming. Now how long do you think it will take until there is a BLANKET LICENSE, that you have to pay to transmit or download files with the .mp3 extension? Seriously, resistance is futile, bitch. (My favorite toy was my ****en firetruck, bitch!)

  1. There's a lot of people that don't like the current system. (musicians, labels, producers, etc...)
  2. There's a lot of people that stand to gain from restrictions. (government agencies, radio stations, night clubs...) You heard me right, bitch, night clubs! There was a day when people were social, way back when it was fun to go to places called night clubs to hear new music.
These people will hire lawyers and pay huge legal fees to make their money. Will you pay legal fees to keep your music free? (That's what I thought.)

Now, I know it's hypocritical, but I'm only human: I pirate movies here and there... Yep, I sure do. (I watched Wolverine yesterday... Good movie, but I sorta feel bad). So how can I justify pirating movies? I can't. I'm a dick. But if I woke up tomorrow and couldn't download a movie off the Pirate Bay, I wouldn't give two shakes. In fact, I'd probably be happy because I could be more productive at work. I simply don't value movies for any artistic value. To me, they're secondary and a waste of my time. IN FACT:

I feel like movies should be free because of all the SPAM they feed you. (That's how weekly newspapers work. They're paid by their advertisers so they can give them away for free). So is the film industry losing out on money? Probably, but not from me, because they got me with their spam even though I would have never gone to see Wolverine in the theater in the first place. I only go to the movies if I'm on a a date. (Theaters are good for blowjobs only.)


I'm glad you asked...

The people saying "Music should be free" (and bla bla bla...) simply don't value music like we do. To them, its secondary. They group us in with the spamming film industry. They don't don't give a damn about the years of pain some of us suffer that drives us to make songs. In fact, they feel like we owe them something. We've all heard it- bring up a song or a band in conversation and someone has to try and break it down and reduce it to next than nothing. Everyone's a critic, AS IF th song was written for them and it didn't live up to their expectations.

Why? Well, for the "Download Generation"- they're accustomed to listening to a song, bashing it, and then on to the next. They don't get it. To us, music is an art and, it's the realest substance in the world and and it's all we live for. The reason they got so far with pirating is because we're not as financially obsessed as say, the film industry. So now I'm taking matters into my own hands. I'm raising my album price to $150 and I'm going to start slapping people that say they've pirated mp3's... Starting with myself.


Not unless it goes:
"Baby I love you
I know this sounds gay,
but baby I need you
to buy me an iPod today". thumbsup

(in my opinion, that is.)