So, after banging my head against a wall and coming against discrimination that would make any civil rights court shriek in another thread...I'm punting this out there.

Who here still holds the opinion that artists will always lose money from tours and that the only way to "save" the industry worldwide is to stop piracy so the artists can get the whole dollar that they got before from a $17 album.

As i say in all the threads : I'm 100% ANTI piracy, i dont think any one has the right to steal anyone elses art.

I do however see touring as a valuable life line for most bands. Dont take my word for it though...

"The top 10% of artists make money selling records. The rest go on tour," says Scott Welch, who manages singers Alanis Morissette and LeAnn Rimes.

So what do you guys think????

Anyone can post in this thread regardless of position, experience or age. Except Digitar or DrBill untill they e mail me their CV (email address available on PM)