I would like to discuss a new music store and distribution service that I have been involved with (without sounding like an advert lol). I'm generally interested in your opinions and always take feedback on board.

Our team launched a new service, HotRhythms.com, two days ago. It is a beta version of the website targeting first at independent music artists & labels. The official public launch is to be announced later in the year. We also plan to payout revenue from streams to the artists & labels once the website has a substantial following.

The service is free and offers quite a few options. I won't go into detail about the features but if you do visit the website and have any opinions I'd be happy to hear them.

Below are a few things that I would be interested to hear your thoughts on:

Hot Rhythms gives a lot of control to the users e.g. price tags & fast meta data changes. Are features such as these welcomed or do you believe they are unnecessary?

The audience and exposure on Hot Rhythms is obviously un-comparable to large music stores such as iTunes & Amazon but the average independent music release on stores like iTunes can only be found when searched for. In most cases, independent music makers have to tell their fanbase where to get their music from, usually via their website or myspace page. We believe that if your telling people where to get your music from anyway, Hot Rhythms has no disadvantage other than brand awareness. With so much more on offer to the artists & labels such as more revenue (all of it actually) and faster release times, would the music artists and labels consider using the Hot Rhythms service in addition to the other stores?

The development of the service started because we wanted a solution that gets music online quickly, securely, gives full control over the meta data and pays out instantly as the music is bought. I don't believe there is another service that can do all these things without taking a fee. Especially the instant payment feature. This allows music makers to withdraw their money straight away. Do you think this improves the cash flow of an individual that makes his or her living form the sales of their music?

All the best,