Operating system market share

This report lists the market share of the top operating systems in use, like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.

I have been a contributor on GS for some time, and I am also a technology provider. Some here may know of our LAMbCase and Retail Zip products from the past.

As of recent years, many others in this space have given up on working towards developing future technologies accepting defeat to iTunes as the end-all solution.

I have mentioned elsewhere in this subject about developing a new media format. I am going to say that it is complete and just for the need to do it, we are adding documentation to the site now.

I promised a friend at the RIAA that I would finnish this technology to prove what Rick Rubin and others has said what needed to happen is indeed true, so taking this as a "challenge" I decided to finnish it (really it is closure to my 12 years of working with entertainment technologies.)

Here is the reason why I am writing this:

I am at a crossroads of actually making this technology available to music content providers. I am personally satisfied that we were able to create something that proves Bittorrent can work for legal music, subscriptions can work for legal music, free offerings can be profitable.

Now I ask myself, do I feel like fighting with the music community who places all their faith in the 5% market share Mac platform because the format only works with Windows PCs. See the latest market share here: Operating system market share As Steve Jobs called Blu-ray "a bag of hurt", I feel the same about the Mac loyalist and what we have just can't be delivered on the Mac, and I do not feel like going through the headache for it. I say to this: if a billion installed hardware devices is not good enough then nothing never will be.

Do I really feel like dealing with the major labels when they are so stubborn and difficult to deal with? All they would try to do is steal the technology (they are already infringing on my IP with that CMX thing).

I am seriously at a crossroads here and I am not writing this to get any sign ups, because what I am showing you is not open for sign ups (because of me feeling this way).

I could go on about everything this design offers in terms of monetization, but to be honest with you, most people reading this won't get it so I will save my breath (or typing words).

I will say this, I believe there may be some other technologies out there that can help move the music industry where it needs to go. But it is the music community I believe that needs to change the way they think before anything will happen for the better.

I thank you for taking time to read this. Some will want to flame, but I would ask to not flame but find something delivering better and I can respect that. I am currently working on the enterprise version of this technology and that crowd seems to be the easier dealing level for me at this time.

Here is the NIN example page.

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