Hey Guys & Gals,

Here's an online FREE directory I've just recently set up. I had been using it for a band that I was producing and managing, but am now no longer working with; hence its availability to you now. There are over 21,000 entries and 47 categories. If there are additional categories you'd like to see added, please tell me. I'm also working on adding a message forum, to compliment GearSlutz, not compete with it, as the forum topics will be different than most of GearSlutz. Also, don't be shy about clicking on a few banner ads, as I'm not making squat on the directory as of now and would like to offset my hosting and development costs. Thanks, and your feedback and input is welcomed!...AL


P.S. I did get a Music Licensing agreement with Bunim-Murray for the Real World, Road Rules, Road Rules Extreme Challenge, and the Kardashians, from a contact that is in the Music & TV section of the directory. Good luck and let me know of any successes you have with the directory!