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I'm interested in building profit making, music related websites.

While I was researching and writing down ideas, I checked the stats of Thisis50.com. I'm not going to lie when the website first came out and I checked it out I thought that it simply was a fail.

I used multiple calculator websites knowing that all of them are not accurate but just to get a rough draft of the potential of that website, and I found out that all of the calculator websites state pretty high numbers like; high ad revenue and high unique visitors. Actually this website outperforms all of the other sites I've checked (again knowing that these calculators are not accurate).

My personal opinion: Just everything seems to be a disaster on that site, that's the word that describes it best for me. The forums are not good at all, the site is hard to navigate, the design is cheaply made, everything is cluttered, and the information that you can get on that site is not of any value.

I can understand when 50 uses his name and influence to get visitors to that page, but the big question is; what makes the visitors stay? Furthermore what makes them come back? Can you find something that would make you come back?

Edit: I find this site much more valuable and it is qualitative made better, it is successful too: Global Grind – Ultimate Source For Everything Hip Hop and Celebrity Blogs | Hip Hop & Celebrity News, Celebrities, Entertainment & Gossip