Hi -- below is some quoted advice from a BBC website (How To Send CDs To Radio – Fresh On The Net) about sending CDs to radio stations:

"One final point is that release dates are traditionally on a Monday and really matter. Set yours for at least two months ahead, to allow lead time for your campaign.... In short, get as much “stuff” happening as possible around the release date. Then send your promos out to radio 4-8 weeks beforehand – and follow up by email or phone a week or so later.... A CD may get airplay anytime up to and including the week of release. Once that’s passed, the record is effectively dead for the present. "

I'm not clear about the importance of the release date: for example, why do they say that once the release date is passed the record is "effectively dead" -- surely singles get played well after their release dates!? And why would there be any problem in submitting a single for radio play, say, a month after it's been released as a digital download?