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Engaging fans with new products is a smart strategy, but does it mean the end of licensing?
Plugged/Unplugged: CwF+RtB = WTF?

I encourage you all to read the whole thing - but this snippet is telling:

the nine artists Masnick cites to support his theory are the exception, not the rule. Jaron Lanier in his new book "You Are Not a Gadget" addresses this succinctly here:
The tiny number of success stories is worrisome. The history of the web is filled with novelty-driven success stories that can never be repeated. One you woman started a website simply asking for donations to help her pay down her credit cards, and it worked! But none of the many people who tried to replicate her trick met with success.

business model or lottery ticket? ... business model for Masnick selling his brand of new media religion... lottery ticket for bands & artists...