So I've seen threads like this before, but couldn't pull them up from a quick search. Anyways, is it wise for an upcoming singer/songwriter to move to say...Nashville, LA, New York, etc.??? I'm from a small town outside of St. Louis, no opportunity for professional musicians to play with in my town, and not a whole lot of great places to play. I opened for a national act a few weeks ago that came through, which was awesome, but other than that it's just small local stuff. I feel lucky as I just started playing out my own songs less than a year ago, and have already got to play live over airwaves, open for a national act...etc. So it's cool...but I want to take this more seriously than playing here and there.

Is it wise to try and move to somewhere like Nashville where there are so many more places and people in the music industry that could here you and provide more opportunity? Just trying to figure out my next stepping stone. I play in the style of maybe John Mayer/The Fray/whatever, I'm 24 years old, and would like to put together a backing band someday. Here, click below:

Check out the music

Any thoughts or suggestions? I realize I could stay here and just keep playing and hoping, but is it really smart to move? It seems a lot of successful musicians picked up and moved at some point or another...I don't care to be famous, but if I could play music more often and at a little bigger level, I'd be very grateful.