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I remember back in the day when you looked forward to recording a record and
hoped that it sold at least 500,000 copy's go gold and if it did better you where in heaven.
It was the same with CD sales.
Then records took a fall to CD's, CD's took a fall to digital downloading and ring tones now
digital sales is taking a dive to free downloads, what next?

Analysis: It’s Official - The Digital Slowdown Is Here
Growth Of Music Digital Sales Is Slowing Down
Variable download pricing correlated with slower music sales

I walked into Best Buy's and looked at the CD's and it's not a stock pile like it use to be.
Most artiest is now Executive Producing their own CD's, or managing their own Web Sights where you can buy their single or
CD download.
Even radio stations right before our eyes is now going syndication where if they had 8 stations in different city's with 12 people working at each;
now in syndication they only need less that half the staff to run a station. Where dose that leave us as Artist, Producers, Engineers?
What's the plan, distribute yourself, look for a major label, find a band and just perform, Dj, get a 9 to 5, in this recession entertaining is always a good option but even then, you will find yourself working for less then usual. What is your plans and what happens if it gets worst?
Sorry for the doom and gloom, is the American Dream becoming a terrifying nightmare? I believe that we can feed off each others ideas....but if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.
& blessings.