YouTube v. MySpace Music: What a Difference Two Years Makes... - Digital Music News

Rihanna's "Rude Boy," number 4 across both sites during the recent week, offers a convenient comparison. During the period, "Rude Boy" racked 732,014 on-demand streams on MySpace Music, but the music video clocked nearly 4.3 million plays on YouTube.

Rihanna, "Rude Boy"
MySpace Music (w/e 5/2)
Rank: 4
732,014 streams

YouTube (w/e 5/2)
Rank: 4
4,282,376 video views

A high-level examination of the top-ten most-played songs makes the shift abundantly clear. During the same period, the ten most-played music videos on YouTube racked 57.3 million views, while the top ten on MySpace Music generated 7.5 million.