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Yorke Warns Music Industry Will Collapse 'In Months' | Radiohead Frontman Thom Yorke Is Warning The Music Industry Is On The Brink Of Collapse, Insisting Young Musicians Should Resist Signing Record Deals Because The Major Labels Will 'Completely Fold' | Contactmusic
Radiohead - Yorke Warns Music Industry Will Collapse 'In Months' - Contactmusic News

Agree? Disagree?

Personally, I disagree. I think we've seen the industry change drastically and it will only continue to do so. Major labels will not go down without a fight and have already started to adapt to the digital age. In fact, I believe it was their unwillingness to adapt to the digital age years earlier that put them into the ****ter. It's not only piracy, it's the fact that they thought they were untouchable.

I think to say that the Major Labels will go out of business is like saying the big oil companies will fold. Too much money, too much power. They will just adjust to the times, that's all. They've already started to enter the "indie" game and they will continue to do so. Getting together with Tunecore is an example of that. Also, people sing the praises of Indie labels, but many of them are owned and operated by or have some kind of ties to the major labels.

I like some of Yorke's music, but he just strikes me as someone who is bitter with being in the industry for so many years. Obviously he didn't like being controlled by a big label and his band had enough clout to walk away and do it on their own. I think it's a different story when you compare Radiohead to an unknown garageband in the UK trying to make a name for themselves. I think bands should certainly be smart and careful in signing contracts, but I would not discourage it. Just don't sign away your life, and if that's the only option, look for another label. If you are a band with a large following and can sell your own records, get yourself on the radio, get you music on TV and Film, then sure, you don't need a label. But how many unsigned bands are there like that? Sure there are some, but I think there are many more unsigned bands that simply can't do that without being signed.

However, I must say that I personally believe having a good publishing company is the best option. Publishing is where the REAL money is.