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Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn collaborate on music. This is what it sounds like. Fan Mail & Press Inquiries Pomplamoose: PO Box 1323, Rohnert Park, CA 94927 [email protected] (please do not use for band-business related inquiries or other business communication -- see below for all business inquiries). Booking Frank Riley High Road Touring [email protected] Business / Licensing / Permission Requests / Legal Kia Kamran, Esq. [email protected]
YouTube - PomplamooseMusic's Channel

The hottest unsigned band in the USA built their following on YouTube with inventive videos, cover songs, and selling original music on itunes.

They're making enough money on their own, that they don't need a label - which is exactly why the labels (the major ones) are all over them.

Bands are attractive to labels when they have an audience, is that audience now youtube? Will Pomplamoose be the "Nirvana" of the digital generation spawning countless would be knock offs?

Of course they're not the first band to be signed from YouTube, but I think they may be the first of their kind... or was that Ok Go?

And if a band is known for videos as a primary vehicle, will it translate to music sales - Ok Go despite many years on Capitol had very limited sales for a band on a major label.