We keep hearing about artists like Shania and Alanis being the number of sales we should want and we keep dismissing sales of artists like Lady Gaga and BEP being too few. So what is the right amount? How many records did bands like Pink Floyd, Boston, Queen, Eagles and such sell? We all will have our own opinions of what these numbers mean, but here they are.

Here are the RIAA numbers (US) to ponder. You can check them at RIAA - Gold & Platinum - August 08, 2010

Shania Twain: Come On Over 20x 11/15/2004
Alanis Morisette: JLP 16x 07/29/1998

OK, now the shocker.

Pink Floyd DSotM 15x 06/04/1998
Pink Floyd The Wall 23x 01/29/1999
Boston Boston 17x 11/20/2003
Fleetwood Mac Rumours 19x 03/24/2003
AC/DC BnB 22x 12/13/2007 (single 2x 2007)
Metallica Metallica 15x 11/13/2009
U2 The Joshua Tree 10x 09/11/1995

Here's a really interesting one.
MJ: Thriller

Released 11/30/1982
1x 01/31/1983
20x 10/30/1984
26x 10/30/2000
28x 03/06/2009 (before death)
29x 08/21/2009 (after death)