What about a reality check for the copyright is wrong, professionals are in it for the money lobbies?
Health check for careers of Australian artists - Australia Council for the Arts

There is a 'huge demand' for arts experience's but artists income has barely changed in nearly 30 years.
44,000 professional artists were surveyed, that includes musicians, writers and painters for whom copyright is an important income component.
The average yearly wage was under $36,000 a year (including 'non arts' income) and 16% earned less than $10,000 a year.

For me this is the reality of the average professional musician, not the greedy rock star lifestyle the anti-music business, anti-copyright lobby want us to imagine.
Caveat: Australia is rather isolated, and due to small population struggles to support the arts more than countries like the UK and U.S.
However, in my 30 year experience, this survey paints a more accurate picture of the financial struggles of most creative people than the many 'free music' blogs or posts I've read on this forum.