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Guvera offers free music downloads. Listen to streaming music online while the artists still get paid. Listen and download free music and MP3 now by joining Guvera
Make a profile at Guvera.com to access free music downloads.


As part of the profile building process after signup you get asked a bunch of questions about you and the things you like. The point of this is to make sure you get targeted by the right advertisers but also to acquire credits.
The more details you put in your profile, the more credits you get.

Once you’re ready you search for an artist, you get routed to a branded page to stream or download songs.

Downloading/streaming uses up the aforementioned credits.
Heres the advertisment with Rihanna as there main drawing card.

I wonder how many artists they are going to get. Personaly I dont see it taking off but I have been wrong.

Boom or Bust? Guvera Launches Free Music Download Site Tomorrow