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Why is this ship not flying by now? For years I've been waiting for DVD live concerts to become mainstream, the next great music experience for
Last time I was mentioning about this phenomenon was 1,5 year ago in this thread:


Back then there were at least some great old productions available that you could buy.

Anyone can tell that something serious is happening to the music industry as we speak. It's like something is sucking out every penny from the industry. Just have a look at the number of live music concert productions coming out in online and offline formats, they are not that many, are they...

All I know is that now I see no new music Blu-ray/DVDs in local music stores anymore. Is it the offline formats that have finally died? Is it a local phenomenon? Is it YouTube? Is it file sharing? What is it?

But wait a minute, has the live concert production industry ever been hot? I don't think so. The next question is, WHY NOT?!

It's a sad picture when I see young teens hang around the small section of live music productions in the local music store in hope to find something exciting, all they find is a few old do-bad-rock-for-money type of products. And of course they just leave the store without buying anything.

This industry could be so hot and it is almost dead.

I just wanted to share this view of mine in the moan zone and get the issue discussed once more.