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Bon Jovi blame Steve Jobs for 'killing the music business'

So did Steve Jobs kill the music business?

My view is that Steve Jobs/Apple/iTunes has definitely been supportive to the IT industry and "slightly" unsupportive to the Music industry. What I mean with "slightly" is this:

The total music experience of a listener is 50% source frequencies and 50% destination frequencies (yep, the listener can tune his instrument as well) Music must always be consumed at highest level of frequency detail in order for music to transfer from source to destination with 100% efficiency. With compressed audio you typically get less than 5% of the original ambience frequencies, resulting in a very degraded listening experience. This in turn, without consumers knowing so, has a negative effect on music attractiveness. The visibility into which artists have very emotional/authentic messages and which ones don't is dimineshed as well, hence we now end up with low quality pop music hits all over the world. All of this contributes to declining sales figures for the music business, which in return makes music companies struggle.

I cover more about the effect of audio compression including audio degradation calculations on this thread:

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I also want to add that, while Apple is contributing negatively to the music business, it is likely so in the short term, but in the long term the story might be different because IT in itself is a very efficient domain for music due to its availability and distribution power.