So we all know the music industry is suffering and everything is going down the hill. Is this total BS? Oh yes it is.

So there is this false belief that today you need to have a "big business", in e.g., health or IT and if you're present on the Chinese market you are so successful and have a bright future. If you own this small music & video store in Africa you have no future. Well. Guess what. Over the last year the music & video store industry has grown by +205%, compare that to the Internet Software & Service industry that has grown by +62%. Big business has grown by +12%, very small business has grown by +30%. The South African market has grown by +37%, the Chinese market has grown by +16%. I mean, wake up.

So it's not true that you shouldn't start a music business today. What should you not start today? Well, starting a big business in the electronics stores industry in Greece is maybe not the most brilliant idea you can come up with.

So you can't find a great investment in China? Try invest in Maranatha Record Company in South Africa and see what happens. You might be surprised about the returns you get.

Maranatha Record Company South Africa