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By Jeff Price & Peter Wells TuneCore delivers music to iTunes, AmazonMP3, Amazon-on-Demand, Rhapsody, MOG, eMusic, Napster, Spotify and others. It allows TuneCore Artists to pick and choose which stores or distribution points they would like there music to be distributed to. Here’s a look inside the process of adding a new distribution point.
Hey Slutz,

TuneCore founder Jeff Price and I just wrote an interesting piece about the mechanics of adding a digital store to our distribution roster. It's going to update frequently. Feel free to read it here:

Behind The (Digital) Music | TuneCorner Music Blog

We're trying to share with the world just what's involved in distributing music, the "moving parts," all the details. It's a fascinating process, we're going to lay it bare in close to real-time.


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